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Sunday, August 23, 2009


The LORD has said that He would hear the cry of His people. King David said that in his distress he cried out to God and He heard and answered.

My wife and I had two wonderful visitor's earlier today, after we returned from church. It was from a Godly Uncle and Aunt who had a burden for the child left on our doorstep this past week. They gave a monetary gift to help prepare the child for school, which starts in three days here in WV.

God hears the prayers of His people; and there are still people who listen to and obey His leading.

The Aunt who was keeping this child put a block on the medications the child needs; my Mother-in-Law works at a local K-Mart and was able to get some sugar meter reading strips (sorry, I do not know the proper name for the item), at a 10% discount. We found out the prescription was blocked when we ordered them before the child ran out and the Pharmacy in NC said all medications were put on a "block..."

We are working here with Child Protective Services in Berkeley County, my wife and the child are going to the health department tomorrow for the required screening for school, they meet with the School Nurse on Tuesday and the fun begins on Wednesday for schooling, a new year, a new start and a new life for one small eternal soul God has seen fit to put in our care at this time.

Please keep us in your prayers; for wisdom, for forgiveness for the Aunt, and for the children (two others) still trapped in the home in NC. God can do anything! And He has, is now, and forever will hear the cry of those who love Him.

Like the special visitors to our home today, we must continue to "Trust and Obey, for there is no other way - to be happy in Jesus, we must trust and obey..."

Have a great week thinking and meditating on Him!

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