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Thursday, January 21, 2010


All who are familiar with the prophecies of the last of days hear of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. These chapters are quite often spoken of during conferences and meetings regarding events that could happen any day in the Mideast region. Russia, Iran and others will invade Israel and there God will once again remind all nations, Israel included, that He is in control of all events on the earth.

A point in this who scenario that is overlooked is the fact that He said He causes the invasion. He gathers the enemies of Israel into a great army that looks invincible. He makes the world shutter at the might and strength of these forces arrayed against His nation. He is behind it all!

Why? So He can do His mighty work against His enemies. Is this also not His ways in our daily lives? Is it possible that He allows our enemies to show their power, their teeth and their rage and threats so that He can prove to us once again that we have no strength but through Him? How often does He need to do this in our lives? I would say that He will do it as often as needed! I like to remind Him of just how hard my head is! If He has promised to give Israel a new heart and a new mind, can He not give me a head that is a little softer to realize that I have no power in myself?

I can quote the scriptures saying the life that I now live, I live by the faith of the Son of God; but do I apply this fact in every situation? I have not in the past but I am working toward this goal.

In Ezekiel 37, prior to the massive invasion of Israel, a picture is given of a people being set up for a massive invasion. God is behind it all! As hopeless as the situation looks, He has prepared deliverance that can only come from the heavens; which is where our citizenship is, after all. Let us not forget this fact.

His workings in Ezekiel 37 give a picture of His deliverance for us, every day of the week, no matter the circumstance or hopelessness of our situation. Notice how many times in the following verses He says I SHALL! I WILL! THEN THEY WILL KNOW!
We can claim this concept of how He works, even today. No matter our past sins, mistakes, missteps, lack of faith, inaction or actions taken in error, He says, and I am putting the passages into my own words as I see them for this article ~

Thus saith the LORD, I will take the children of Israel from among the heathen where they have gone and I will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own land. I will make them one nation in the land upon the mountains of Israel. One king shall be over them all; and they shall no more be two nations. You and I will no longer be torn between the two spiritual spheres; it is one on the Other!

One king shall be over them (King Jesus). We will not be divided between two choices; our heart is steadfast on Him. We will no longer defile ourselves with the idols of the day and we will set aside the detestable things that surround us. He will save us out of our dwelling places and we will have only One Shepherd that shall be King unto us.

We will walk in His judgments and observe His statues for living Godly in Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit working in us. We will dwell in peace as our spiritual fathers did years ago. There is still a peace available to the children of God. We can claim this for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren! He will and has even now made a covenant of peace with us. It shall be an everlasting covenant.

He will place us, He will multiply us (spiritual children and growth in Him), His sanctuary is even now in the midst of us (the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, our body is His temple), and His tabernacle shall be in the midst of us forevermore!

Then, the heathen shall know that it is the LORD our God who sanctifies us; when they realize through our daily actions, prayers and life that truly, God is with us.

In this context, with these promises, the enemy will rage, threaten and attack; Ezekiel 38 and 39 occur. Do not think it strange when this happens. We can stand, and having done all, stand and see the salvation of the LORD; before, during and after every attack.

This is either true or false. I claim that it is true right down to the letter. The protection is here, the attack will come, and the deliverance from God is as sure as the sun coming up today!

Fear not, for He is with us;
be not dismayed for He is our God!
He will deliver us,
He will shelter us,
He will magnify His mighty name in the midst of the nations
so that all will know that He rules in the affairs of men!

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