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Friday, May 9, 2008



For Zion's sake will I not hold My peace
and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest,
until the righteousness thereof go forth as brightness
and the salvation thereof as a lamp that burneth.

And the Gentiles (nations) shall see thy righteousness
and all kings thy glory:
and thou shalt be called by a new name,
which the mouth of the LORD shall name.

Thou shalt also be a crown of glory in the hand of the LORD,
and a royal diadem in the hand of thy God.
Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken;
neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate:
but thou shalt be called Hephzibah ( My delight is in her, as in a wife)
and thy land Beulah ( married ):
for the LORD delighteth in thee,
and thy land shall be married.

For as a young man marrieth a virgin,
so shall thy sons marry thee;
and as the bridegroom rehoiceth over the bride,
so shall thy God rejoice over thee.

I have set watchmen upon they walls,
O Jerusalem,
which shall never hold their peace day nor night;
ye that make mention of the LORD,
keep not silence,
And give Him no rest,
till He establish,
and till He make Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

The LORD hath sworn by His right hand,
and by the arm of His strength,
Surely I will no more give thy corn to be meat for thine enemies;
and the sons of the stranger shall not drink thy wine,
for the which thou hast laboured:

But they that have gathered it shall eat it,
and praise the LORD;
and they that have brought it together shall drink it in the courts of My holiness.
Go through, go through the gates;
prepare ye the way of the people;
cast up, cast up the highway;
gather out the stones;
lift up a standard for the people.

Behold, the LORD hath proclaimed unto the end of the world,
Say ye to the daughter of Zion,
Behold, thy salvation cometh;
behold, His reward is with Him,
and His work before Him.

And they shall call them the holy people,
The redeemed of the LORD;
and thou shalt be called,
Sought out,
A city not forsaken.

" But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God."

The condition of physical Israel at 60 years of age as a modern nation, ressurected from the ages of the past, is a mirror image of the western church age. She is being forced to compromise with those who wish her harm and destruction, as Believers are forced to compromise our faith and walk with God. Modern society wishes nothing less than the physical and spiritual destruction and demise of all that stands for God and His holiness.

But there is a day coming in the near future where the distinction of right and wrong, holiness and ungodliness, salvation and damnation will be exposed for all to see. New life will be given to those who desire to walk with God. As God is married to Israel, we are the Bride of Christ the Messiah. The wall of seperation between spiritual Believers and natural Israel will be torn asunder. This is God's doings as well as Satan's. The great showdown of mankinds history on earth is upon us. It is time to chose sides.

We are going through the gates. It is not an easy process. I have read the Bible through and no one Scripture has told me that this thing would be easy; it is constant conflict until He arrives to rescue His Beloved Bride and natural Israel, which in the last days will be one in the same. The deliverance Believers await is the same deliverance Israel awaits. It is spiritual working through natural events in our personal lives as well as on a national scale.

We are admonished to give God no rest until He makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth. Our salvation and deliverance from the enemy is also Israel's salvation from the enemy; they are one in the same. When this deliverance comes we will no more be termed Forsaken nor experience desolation. But we will be a delight to our God and married to His Son!

He has set Watchmen upon the physical and spiritual walls of Jerusalem. He will fill those with the vigor and excitement of a young man who marries a virgin. The LORD will delight in this vigor and excitement and those who not only enter through the gates but push through with all of their might will see their Salvation, reward and their work reach a successful conclusion as He gives strength.

Throughout this whole process, when we feel as if things are usless and the battle may be lost on an individual and national scale we can be confident that in all of our afflictions He is afflicted, but the angel of His Presence saves us. In His love and in His pity He redeems us and He carries us even from the days of old. ( Isaiah 63:9)

Isaiah 65:9 is not a suggestion, or a possiblity, or an assumption. It is a promise from Almighty God- "And I WILL bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains; and Mine elect shall inherit it, and My servants shall dwell therein."

THIS IS A PROMISE. GOD DOES IT HIMSELF. We need to believe it!

And your eyes shall see and you will say, The LORD shall be magnified from the border of Israel. ( Malachi 1:5) He does not say it will be a comfortable process. The ancient forces from realms we know nothing about have gathered against Jerusalem, both physical and spiritual. Our God will at last rise up as in the day of battle and speak into being victories in ways we cannot imagine with our human mind. He creates things that do not exist with a simple utterance; He speaks and His will is accomplished. We are learning and revealing our true hearts, our beliefs and unbeliefs, through the process.

It is time to lean heavily upon Him.

From the very beginning of this process of refining, learning His ways, leaning upon Him and Him alone, He has spoken that He has loved us. He would keep the oath which He has sworn unto our fathers (Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob). In these last days He will bring us out again with a mighty hand, and redeem us out of the house of bondmen, from the hand of Pharoah king of Egypt (Satan).

We, along with natural Israel, which is celebrating 60 years of reclaiming the Land, can rest assured that although we have traveled the Wilderness during our lifetime, and have not entered into His rest as we should have, and have grieved Him beyond measure with our seasons of unbelief and rebellion, our shoes still have not worn out, our clothing is still as good as new, water still comes out of the rocks, and manna still falls from the heavens.

He is our clothing. He is our manna. He is our water. He is our God. There is not other!

The walls of Jericho will fall. The enemy will be defeated. Our God will save! We will enter into the promised land. It is a good land He has prepared for us. We will inherit vineyards we did not plant and inhabit dwellings we did not build. It is all from Him.

Let God arise in us and let His enemies be scattered! Proclaim His salvation for all to see.

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