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Saturday, September 20, 2008


God has said that if a nation pleases Him that He will make it the head and not the tail among the nations of planet earth. I think we have some problems in that regard!

This past week has been a roller coaster ride for the markets; particularly with the banking and financial institutions. This weekend the candles are burning late into the night in Washington, D.C. as the leaders try to figure a way around what God has brought to our nation.

Late into the night I have watched the financial channels ( not a habit!) to try to get a feel for what is happening and the depth of the issue. Here is what I, a simple man on the street have figured out in regard to our situation ~

It is estimated that the "bail out" package being given to U.S. banking system may be 1.5 Trillion dollars when it is all said and done. That is 1,500,000,000,000!

What is this equivalent to? Hurricane Katrina cost the US taxpayer and economy 100 billion dollars. This was several years ago. Still, there are an estimated 10,000 homes with a large red X on them that means they are condemned, waiting for money for repair, or to be torn down.

1.5 trillion dollars equals an economic Katrina in America that mirrors this storm striking 15 major metropolitan areas. This economic storm equals a hurricane Katrina striking and destroying:
- Seattle, WA
- New York, NY
- Washington, D.C.
- Baltimore, MD
- Los Angeles, CA
- San Francisco, CA
- Detroit, MI
- Philidelphia, PA
- Miami, FL
- Ft. Myers, FL
- Houston, TX
- Dallas, TX
- Minneapolis-St. Paul, MO
- Raleigh-Duram, NC
- Nashville, TN

100,000,000,000 dollars of destruction on each of these metropolitan areas, with tens of millions of citizens, divided into 1,500,000,000,000 equals fifteen US cities. A major disaster for the banking system and the US economy.

Another comparison would be taking the average home value of say $200,000. Destroy 72 million homes and the families in them. 72,000,000 homes dissapear overnight; that is the mess we find ourselves in.

Bankers, businesses, brokerage houses and the US Government scramble this weekend to find buyers. Foreign buyers. We have truly become the tail, not the head. Brother David Wilkerson gave a description of a vision he had years ago of judgment on America. The market would fall 1,000 points (which it did in two days this past week), a plan would be worked out to where everything seemed to return to normal, then sudden panic from no where strikes and the whole system crashes. This is the next boot to fall from heaven.

But we, as children of the Almighty need not fear. When the feeling of panic strikes, we must assure ourselves in the promises of our Father. Promises and admonition from Him to fear not, for He is with us, do not dismay, He is our God. He will strengthen us, He will uphold us, He will cover us with His almighty arms. The flood will not overcome us, the plague of Egypt (the world) will not come into our house. As darkness covers the earth, there is light in the land of Goshen! We are His, He is ours, Praise His Holy Name!

One will put a thousand to flight! That is us as individuals trusting completely upon Him. This is a promise from our Father. As we go through the fires, like the three Hebrew children, we will not be burned. These economic fires will only burn off our bonds, like the fires in the furnace in
Babylon burned off the bonds of the friends of Daniel. The lions den will either take us to heaven or reveal the power of our Father; we win in either case!

Set your minds on things above, where God is. Not on things on this earth. As the old spiritual songs says, This Earth Is Not Our Home! We are strangers and pilgrams here for a short season to show the world the faithfulness, love and mercy of our Father.

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