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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


May the LORD see fit to place a Mordecai, an Esther, a Daniel, a Joseph around President Obama and the new administration. Men and women of influence, who know the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

We are instructed to pray for those in authority; all authorities and governments are allowed to form and and be dismissed by the mighty hand of God. They either serve His purpose for judgment, peace, or prosperity.

I rejoice in the fact that a black person has been able to rise to power in the United States given the history of treatment they have suffered since being brought to these shores. I do not agree with some of his policies, but it says volumns about America that this has finally happened after 250 years.

I do not agree with some of the things President Obama may, and will probably do when I consider the people that surround him. But God can place people, Believers, in important postions to influence the debate and outcome of those decisions.

May what is of God succeed; may what is against God fail.

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