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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Learning How To Pray

When issues, testings and problems that seem unsolvable come my way, I usually turn to the Psalms or the Book of Isaiah for comfort, guidance and encouragement. What I am in the process of learning, which may be helpful to other Believers, is finding examples from the Bible that are similar to my present problems that can guide my prayers as I take them to God.

A great example from Scripture regards king Jehoshaphat in the Book of 2 Chronicles (18:31). This king went down in history as having a heart to seek God. Still, he became intertwined in marriage and relationship to the wicked king Ahab of Jezebel fame and sin. When the Syrians were preparing to invade Ahab's domain (Israel) Ahab requested, and received help from Jehoshaphat. Many Believers have become intertwined with the world system of finance.

Although he had to have known better, Jehoshaphat assisted Ahab. It almost cost him his life. In the heat of the battle with the enemy 2 Chronicles 18 says that Syrian warriors compassed about Jehoshaphat's chariot to fight; but Jehoshaphat cried out, and the LORD helped him and God moved the Syrians to depart from him.

How many of us have become entangled with the affairs of this world; especially the financial issues of our capitalist society? How many have fallen into this trap of the enemy? Some have swallowed hook, line and sinker the societal belief that debt is good, things are important, items that are not conducive to Godliness were once in the not to distant past considered necessities?

As the chariots of these our enemies surround us, we, as king Jehoshaphat can cry out to God for deliverance from our foolishness, entanglements and mistakes. I am sure that in the heat of the battle this godly king was sorry he had even heard the name of Ahab! How could he have been so stupid to fall for this wicked kings advice and request for assistance?

If God answered, and delivered Jehoshaphat, will He not also rescue all who cry out for salvation from an enemy? As in the days of old, when one cries out to God, He hears. He has not, nor will He ever change.

There is great comfort from a prayer of Jehoshaphat in 1 Chronicles (16:27) ~
" Glory and honor are in His Presence-
strength and gladness are in His place. "

vs. 32 " Give thanks unto the LORD for He is good-
for His mercy endureth forever."

In my opinion, finding an example of prayers of Godly men and women in Scripture, as they compare to our individual circumstances, are an important aspect of moving the heart of our Father. It is His word; He has given these examples of His faithfulness, mercies and kindness to all mankind, who after all, are but made of the dust of the earth. As we grow from day to day in Godliness, into a creation of His making. Our goal must be to bring glory and praise to His name.

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