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Friday, September 4, 2009


Question number one:
Will the LORD cast off forever?

Ouestion number two:
Will He be favorable no more?

Question number three:
Is His mercy clean gone forever?

Question number four:
Have His promises failed forevermore?

Question number five:
Has He forgotten to be gracious?

Question number six:
Has He in His anger shut up His tender mercies?

These are not statements from a reprobate, a backslider, or one whom God has rejected and cast aside forever. They are questions asked and recorded by a man after God's own heart.

After asking these questions in Psalm 77 he admits openly that he was crying to God with his voice and He gave voice to him; He heard his cry. Still, the questions. David said " this is my infirmity.....questionings!

How did David and how will we walk our way through this delima? I fight this battle weekly, sometimes daily. David said, "BUT" ~

I will remember they years of the right hand of the Most High (El Elyon);
I will remember the works of the LORD:
I will remember the wonders of old.
I will meditate on all of His works and talk of His doings.

God's way is in the sanctuary. (Believers are the temple of the Spirit of God)
His ways are in and through us as we yeild. He is still a God who does wonders.

David continues to work his way through these six questions by saying~

* Thou art a God who does wonders

* He declares His strength among the people

* With His arm He redeems His people

* I will remember the works and wonders of old

* I will meditate on His works and talk of Thy doings

* Who is so great a God as our God?

* God declares the strength of His people

The troubled waters that surround us quite often He calms. The waters trying to overflow us see Him in the situations we face and they are troubled. The waters and the depths are afraid of Him; when He appears on our behalf they become distressed.

He promises that when we pass through the waters they will not overflow us. Yes, we must pass through; not try to avoid. We can, we must believe that He is in charge of all things pertaining to us. The clouds pour out water, the skies send out a sound, His arrows go abroad, the voice of thunder comes from the heavens; the lightenings lighten the world. The earth trembles and shakes. He is behind and in control of it all!

His way is IN THE SEA. His paths ARE the great waters. His footsteps are not known. Yet, He promises to lead His people like a flock as Moses and Aaron did throughout their Wilderness experiences.

Continue to cry out in the night; He hears. His promises never fail; He has not forgotten to be gracious; He has not shut up His tender mercies; He will be favorable again! Keep making dilligent search and commune with your own heart, as David did.

Call to rememberance, as David did, His workings of old and remember in the night seasons that He who has promised is faithful and true. FAITHFUL and TRUE!

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