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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


" O Israel, return unto the LORD thy God;
for thou hast fallen by thine iniquity.
Take with you words,
and turn to the LORD;
say unto Him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously;
so we will render the calves of our lips. "

It is so easy to be so intertwined with the world that it is difficult to take with us proper words when we go into the presence of our God. It is as if a mental cleansing has to take place before we even think we can enter into His presence with any effect.

The television is on Good Morning America with the latest news of Dancing With The Stars or Survivor, the economic news continues to be grim, oil is continuing to pollute the Gulf and possibly the ocean beaches on even the east coast. We battle forces in our finances and places of employment. The day is filled with anything and everything that can possibly enhance or encourage our time with our Father, who is in Heaven.

But Christ says the Spirit of God is within us! How does He get out into our daily lives? WORDS!!

The enemy tries to convince us otherwise, but rest assured, He hears every word we speak. If we walked around every day cursing God and our circumstances, we have no doubt in our minds that God hears, that He will punish us and eventually leave us to our own devices. Why do we not understand that in the midst of the messes we find ourselves in, whether of our own making or cast upon us by others, He also hears our plea for help, comfort and assistance?

He hears every word! He does not forsake His own children. If He did so He would be forsaking Himself.

In the days of Ezra the Children of Israel had become so intertwined with the worldly system that they were even marrying and giving in marriage to the heathen, unbelieving nation to which they were driven. The last chapter in the Book of Ezra gives an excellent picture of their situation.

Not until Ezra realized what was happening did the situation begin to change. He was so distressed that he pulled out his hair, cast himself on the ground and wept before God and repented on behalf of his people. What would happen if a minister, one perceived as a high priest in Christianity in the United States would do this today? Is it that serious yet? Have we become so intertwined with the worldly system yet that this is necessary or do we wait longer?

We can do this on a personal level. Revival starts with people; one or two people shut in with God in repentance and a broken heart bring true revival. Not a revival for television on some Christian television show with the camera scanning to crowd, but a personal intimate revival of repentance and contriteness before God Almighty. This can happen even as we push a dust mop cleaning a classroom at a school on our job. This can happen as we clean house or drive our vehicle.

Has society fallen enough that we should be concerned yet? Are we thinking of the words we will take before God? When we do, remind Him of His great mercies and compassion's that never fail. His great love for us that He even sent His only Son to die on our behalf to cleanse us of all of our sin. Present your case before Him and rest assured that He hears every word. Enter into His presence with thanksgiving for what He has done and for what He will continue to do.

Just as in the days of old when the Priests performed daily cleaning functions in the Temple, so to we must daily clean out the sin and stains of the world that have become attached to us as we journey in our pilgrimage through this troubled planet. He is faithful and true to forgive us of all of our sins. Do not believe the lies of the enemy that the day of grace has passed, that it is too late. Our salvation and assurance of such is through Christ Jesus. All who come to Him He will in no wise cast out! THAT IS HIS WORD TO US!!

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