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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bold Questions

Have you ever had intimate moments of prayer with God while in great distress? What do we say during times of crisis - how do we pray? Do we ask questions, complain or become full of doubt and fear? I could confidently say that I fall in the doubt and fear category. As long as I recognize this I am on the road to recovery!

During my reading this past week I found a man who was also in great distress and uncertainty. Not only for himself but his entire nation. He was a godly king and God Himself acknowledged this king of Israel as such. Here is what this king said to God during his time of great trial:

Are you not God in Heaven?

" Do You not rule over all the kingdoms of the heathen? "

" Is there not power and might so that none can withstand You? "

" Are you not our God? "

" Did you not drive out the inhabitants of this land before Thy people Israel and give it to the seed of Abraham? "

" Did we not build You a sanctuary for your Name sake? "

" If when evil comes upon us as the sword, judgment or pestilence, or famine, and we stand before this house and in Thy presence and cry unto You in our affliction, then Thou wilt hear and help? "

Where did this man get his confidence and audacity to speak to God in such a manner? When I am in distress I tend to doubt, fear and think that God does not hear my requests or petitions; this king knew God on an entirely different level than I do. One has to be very intimate with another to demand answers as this king did of God!

The king did not go into a room in the palace and pray in this manner; he did so after gathering together the whole house of Judah!

The event is recorded for all of eternity in the Book of II Chronicles Chapter 20. God honored this kings cries. The armies that had gathered in the midst of Israel were soundly defeated and the King did not have to lift a finger! God sent ambushes among the enemy camps and they became so confused that they started fighting among each other until all were destroyed. The army of Israel did as they were instructed by God; " Stand still and see the salvation of the LORD! "

This battle is not yours, but Mine, said God. God honored the prayers of King Jehoshaphat. God was not at all offended by his boldness, his questions or his inquiries into the might of God. I feel very deeply that God honored this man because he was speaking from his heart, he was a godly king who tried to clean up the mess Israel always seemed to find herself in, and the prayers were honored in such a manner that it still blesses Believers and gives us great hope thousands of years later.

By the grace of God and the blood of the Lamb, I want to look up king Jehoshaphat when I get to heaven and give this man a great big West Virginia bear hug! What an example he was of the value of getting so intimate with God that we can enter into His throne room with boldness and confidence that our prayers are heard and the answers are on the way!

In the Book of Isaiah God asks us to present our case; in other words, lets talk and reason together. He desires our friendship, our fellowship, our communion and love. Take time and get to know Him on a deeper level. The rewards are beyond human comprehension.

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