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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Cloud And Manna-Eddie Santoro-Israel

The Cloud and the Manna
©June 22, 2010
by Eddie Santoro

God's supernatural leading and supply will help us reach the Promised Land in our lives.

The Torah portions this month have to do with Israel's traveling in the wilderness in the book of Numbers. By any natural measure their situation was impossible but the success of their journey depended not on the natural but on the supernatural.

Before them stood an awesome pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, in which dwelt the very presence of God. As that cloud moved, Israel would follow. It would take forty years, but that presence, filled with infinite love, would lead them to their destination. And that same God who would lead them would also supply all of their needs. Their sandals would not wear out, water would flow from rocks and manna would be supplied from heaven.

Several days ago in prayer the Lord showed me how our situation as New Covenant believers is like Israel so long ago. We too have a “promised land” that we are traveling towards but do not know how to get there. And like Israel, what we possess in the natural falls far short of what is needed in order to achieve the mighty calling that God has given us.

But in Yeshua, we also have a cloud that is leading us. God’s Spirit has not just put a final destination in our hearts but He is faithful to direct us each and every step of the way. And although in the natural we are weak and lacking, His power will supply all our needs.

He has put His very life within us by which we can do all things.

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