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Saturday, August 21, 2010

One Word Changes All!

I have discovered, after 56 years, how important one word can be. Our understanding from an English mindset and upbringing of the meaning of one word as used in the Bible can form an opinion that is incorrect. The word for me (this week! ) is the word GLORY, as used by Christ; in John 17:22, for example.

In this verse as Christ is praying to the Father and says, " And the glory which Thou gavest Me I have given them; that they may be one, even as We are One."

My old understanding or what glory is left me out of His equation and request! I have been troubled by His giving me His glory because I never saw some mysterious shining cloud or halo around me, never! Is this the glory He speaks of? Something spiritual, perhaps, that only angels and demons and other spiritual beings can see?

No! A thousand times no. The word glory Christ speaks of means this:

* dignity, honor, praise, worship and to be of reputation in such a way that it becomes very apparent! He was praying that we would have His glory upon us in our daily lives as we live for Him. To have a dignity, honor and reputation about our character that it becomes very apparent to all those we interact with. The world sees that there is something very different about us. It is no glory cloud of mystery or holiness; it is in our everyday actions.

What a relief this was to read and research this week. I have been walking around for 56 years waiting for some glory cloud to appear to me!

The LORD'S dignity, honor, praise, character and worship must be so astounding that even a man of Moses character cannot behold it without dying. God could only show Moses His back as He passed by on the Mount. How marvelous He must truly be! What a surprise we are in for when we finally cross over our Jordan or are translated into His presence in the great Taking Away when He returns for those who are looking for Him. He said He is coming back for those who are looking for Him.

Are we constantly looking up? Or have the cares of this world so burdened us that we only look down upon our problems? And I do have problems!! But in the middle of the tests, trials and temptations and doubts and fears, we must continually to always look up, for our Redemption is almost here.

Our Redemption is a Person. Full of glory, dignity, honor and praise. He is coming for His Bride, who is also full of His glory, dignity, honor and praise. His Bride is you and I!

Have a great Sabbath thinking upon Him.

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