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Saturday, December 11, 2010


No matter the difficulty, no matter the issue, we are given great and precious promises that we must appropriate, learn, memorize and pray as things begin to wrap up for this age of grace. We are in the beginning of the end of all things as we have known them, and we must remember that when the corrupt world system begins to shutter and fold the angels of God are rejoicing! Are we on their side of the praise? Or do we wring our hands in fear at the things that are coming upon the earth? We have to get on the right side of this thing to be effective for His Kingdom.

Christ instructed us to pray "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven..." Do we mean it? Jesus told us what the beginning of sorrows would be like and we are here; what is our mindset? If these things must happen before He sits up His glorious kingdom of righteousness centered in His City, Jerusalem, from where He will rule and reign, what are we thinking? What are we praying?

Do we cheer and look with anxious hearts for His return? If not, then are we prepared for what He will do as an act of mercy and graciousness to make us anxious for His return? He said He is coming for those who are looking for His return. He knows how to make us anxious, and looking! I would rather be in that condition without having the heartache, heart break and fear. I know the mindset of anticipation and expectation comes from the Spirit of God and I am starting to pray daily that His return be first and foremost in my mind every hour of the day.

Most planet earth is in turmoil; tens of millions are in abject poverty; unable to even meet the basic human needs of food and shelter. Tens of millions only make perhaps a dollar a day in wages. Tens of millions are imprisoned and suffering for their belief in Christ. The turmoil and uncertainty has just started in what we consider to be civilized Western nations. This condition will continue to roll out of of control. This will bring untold millions into the Kingdom of God. Salvation and judgment work hand in hand. It is His purpose. From a Believer's perspective we must remember that He already inhabits eternity. Events are already written in concrete what will happen tomorrow, next year and ten thousand years from now. He is God of all!

I want ISAIAH 41:10 - 16 to be my confidence and assurance. I want this principal to be the cornerstone of the rest of my existence while on planet earth; come what may, He is here continually ~

" Fear not, for I AM with you! Do not be dismayed for I AM your God! I WILL strengthen you and I WILL help you and I WILL uphold you with My mighty right hand. All those who were incensed against you shall be confounded and shall be as nothing; those who strive against you will perish. "

" You will seek for them and they will not be there! They shall be as nothing, as if they never existed in the first place! Because I AM the LORD your God and I WILL hold your right hand, saying unto you, Fear not, for I WILL help you..."

What else does He need to say?
From where do our questions and uncertainty come?
What more do we need?

He will make us a new sharp threshing instrument that has teeth. We will thresh the mountains we face and beat them small and the hills and mountains will be as dust blown away by the wind of His Spirit working through us.

We will and must rejoice in the LORD and glory in the Holy One of Israel in the process. ALL honor, ALL praise, ALL glory be to the God of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ. He is King of both heaven and earth and He is riding atop the flood in these last days. We must rejoice with His angels as He finally begins this last phase of preparing planet earth for His return. Do it daily.

What a day that will be!!

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