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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Diffucult Lessons

Job 16 has profound lessons only a very few experience.Only the mercies of God on our behalf allow such events and feelings to overwhelm us. Most people will do anything at all to avoid such personal, life changing events. But is this to their peril or detriment? There are treasures in darkness that only going through the darkness can bring to us. Remember, darkness and light are the same to God; nothing is hidden.

During Job's journey he speaks of being filled with wrinkles and leanness that bears upon his face. He speaks of friends and neighbors gaping at him with their mouth and smiting him on the cheeks in reproach. All had gathered themselves against him. Job says in his anguish that God had delivered him to the ungodly and into the hands of the wicked.

He was previously at ease; but God broke him asunder! Job felt as if he had been taken by the neck and was shaken to pieces. His face became foul with weepings and his eyelids had the shadow of death. And not for any injustice that he had committed!

Job never let go of the fact that his prayer was pure! In the midst of this perverse trial he continued to claim that his witness was in heaven and his record is recorded on high. Even as his comforters were accusing him that surely he had sinned against God, Job held his ground. There is great confidence in knowing that we are secure in the Beloved!

These events Job endured occurred before the cross, before Christ came to wash away our sin and offer forgiveness freely and graciously. How much more confident we should be that our sins are forgiven, our trespasses have disappeared, and that we are in good standing with the Father through the rent curtain of the Temple and we can enter into the Holy of Holies through Jesus? If this does not bring confidence and security nothing can.

No matter the trials. No matter the events in our lives when even those closest to us hide or are embarrassed. We have an Advocate in the heavens. He is with us always; even to the very end. He said it, I believe it, and that settles it! Our record is clean through the blood of the Lamb.

Have a great weekend thinking upon Him.

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