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Monday, June 27, 2011

THE STORM - HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok

This reading made me think of an old song that I remember as a child; Jesus is a Rock in the Weary Land; a Shelter in the time of storm....enjoy the article. randy peacher

The Coming Storm

by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok
Copyright © 2010 by Ariel Bar Tzadok. All rights reserved.

There is a storm coming. A storm with mighty winds and powerful thunder. The
lighting will light up the skies and the earth will rumble. This storm is to be
very destructive. Yet it will be more destructive upon those who have
unleashed it than upon those who were intended to be its victim. This mighty
storm, like everything else is still just a part of G-d's creation and as such it will
follow the course of natural law as ordained by Heaven.

We say at the Passover Seder that G-d will pour out His wrath upon the nations that
refuse to know Him and upon those who do not call upon His Name. Understand the future in light of this. Storms are a process of cleansing and balancing. They have a natural way to them and their course is predestined and set. Heaven knows the course of the storm. All those who keep their eyes upon Heaven will see the course of the coming storm and know to get out of its way before it comes.

All things have their purpose. All crises are allowed to arise to motivate us and force us into courses of action that we would otherwise not take. Crises are the way of Heaven to push us down the path that will eventually lead to still waters. Yes, we are pursued, yet we do not realize that what pursues us is goodness and mercy. The Hand of Heaven is not too short to reach us. Yet, we must reach up and grasp that which is extended to us or otherwise the Guiding Hand will remain out of reach. Without guidance we die, overwhelmed and overcome by the storm.

Fear not the coming storm, but remember this: those who try to stand strong against the mighty winds will eventually be blown down and lost, whereas those who know how to bend like a reed in the wind will survive. We may have to give up much, but in the end, the wise will let go of all that could harm them and instead use all their efforts to embrace only that which guarantees for them life. When the winds blow, we are all moved by them. Do not fear this, it is the way of natural law as ordained by the Creator.

The arrogant shall be toppled and the meek shall be elevated. This is the natural response to the unnatural push made by the arrogant. Weakness comes in many forms and so too does strength. Do not look to the surface of a thing and consider it to be its true essence. Indeed, the surface may be the exact opposite of that which lies within. Do not consider one strong because they look that way. In the same vein, do not consider one weak because of the appearance. All appearances are deceiving, every one of them.

Watch what transpires in both the east and the west. From them both will troubles brew and spread. This is by the Hand of Heaven, to strengthen the righteous and to punish the wicked. We are not meant to stop it. We are just meant to remove ourselves to a safe distance and then watch the Hand of Heaven act in the way that it is ordained to.

Those who surrender to Heaven, who are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to get the job done, will in the end be passed over, even as it was so long ago. Heaven keeps an accurate accounting of human affairs even when the powers that be here on Earth try to alter the record. The pain of rebalancing is in direct proportion to the amount of imbalance. When there is imbalance created in the east, rebalancing will come from the west and so forth. When your eyes are focused on what is before you, quickly turn around and see what is behind you, before it is too late. For while you focus on what is in front of you, that which is behind you will sneak up on you and overtake you. Balance requires that one swing one's vision, from right to left and from left to right, from east to west and from west to east.

Everything in life is in a state of constant movement. That which is stagnant soon dies. This is why the storm comes to wash away the stagnant and to cleanse the Earth.Winds blow, lighting flashes and thunder roars; this is the way of nature. It is how G-d has ordained that nature be rebalanced. As it is in the outside world, so too is it like this in the inner world of the human psyche. Human beings also follow the natural trends, however unaware. The coming storm will cleanse us. Those who prepare will weather the storm. They will bend and live. Whereas the blind and arrogant will dig in their heals and like the immovable and stagnant they will be broken into pieces and washed away. Such is the Way of Heaven. As it was in ancient days, there is nothing new under the sun for today or for tomorrow.

G-d will pass over His people. This is His promise. But not all who claim to be His people are really His people. Many of the people rebel and choose not to be His people. For them, there is no promise. There is hope, yes; but there is no promise. Without sacrifice there is no promise. The promise is sealed with the blood of the sacrifice. The blood and sacrifice of today is not that of an animal but rather of the heart, soul and deeds of the human being. Heed the warning. Stop your complacency. Clear your mind from questions. Silence your tongue from speaking. Open your heart and begin to see with your inner eye. Open your heart and begin to hear the inner voice speaking in the inner recesses of your mind. The Daughter of the Heavenly Voice will be heard within you, but only when you are calm and
silent. In the silence, will you learn to be still. And only when one is still will one learn how and when to bend like a reed when the wind comes.

Redemption is upon us. But it will not be what many expect. It will not be easy or painless. Like a woman's giving birth; there will be many screams; but in the end the child will be born. And he will be a healthy male child. After eight days, he will cast off his klipah and then he will be given a name. And his name shall be David.

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