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Monday, May 28, 2012

Rough Spring!

The months of April and May has been an interesting month from a physical and spiritual perspective. I have had a rash that has spread all over my body and the itch and burn is almost unbearable. I have been to my doctor twice and he put me on a series of anti-biotic, which did nothing. Then I was on a series of steroid treatments for 13 days and still nothing. The Doctor sent me to a skin doctor and he gave me a medical cream, a conditioner and a steroid shot. Still nothing!

They took a biopsy several days ago and I am to get the results shortly. The rash is slowing starting to clear up, somewhat, although it has spread; it does not burn and itch so much. I thought quite a bit of Job sitting on the ash pile scratching himself with broken pottery. How he must have felt; and his friends did not bring much comfort. The steroid pills caused my blood pressure to go out of whack and I could not function for almost a week without feeling very, very bad.

In addition, I had a scan done on my neck veins at the request of my heart doctor to see if there was blockage. The scan showed that there is. Several days later I went to my dear friend Rev. Cooper's for coffee and prayer and he anointed my neck with oil and we claimed healing. Two weeks later my heart doctor again asked me if I would have a C-Scan of the neck to see how bad the blockage is. I did. There was no blockage in the right neck veins and the scan showed that there was some blockage in the left side. He called me at home and said this was very unusual and there was something out of order; would I agree to another scan, free of charge? I told him exactly what happened; God had
intervened on my behalf because of our prayer and anointing. He said he would still like to do the other scan, for free. I agreed and said that it would confirm my healing.

This scan showed that the right side was in good shape but some blockage in the left. How much he did not know; he could not decipher the numbers or pictures. Would I have another C-Scan, at no charge! I said yes and am waiting for the date of the scan.

Through all of this, the painful burning itch and rash and the blocked arteries the doctor is convinced I still have, I was led to a passage of Scripture that showed me exactly what was going on. It is found in Isaiah 24:14,15 ~

"They shall lift up their voice, they shall sing for the majesty of the LORD, they shall cry aloud from the sea (which I did two weeks ago in the Outer Banks of N.C.!) Wherefore glorify ye the LORD in the fires, even the Name of the LORD God of Israel in the isles of the sea."

Glorify God in the fires! Anyone can do this when things are fine; but what of the fiery trials which test our faith? There is only one way to learn to do this; and that is to do it. God has been here all of the way; even in the dark sleepless nights as I have cried out to Him for releif. He is answering my prayer and I am learning volumns about Him and myself in the process.

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