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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


For the first time in US history a President of the United States has announced that the Land of Israel will be comprised of two states; one Palestinian and one Jewish. I fear that this will bring severe judgment upon the United States. 2008 may be the beginning of day of the LORD'S vengeance, and the year of recompences for the controversy of Zion.

Consider past actions and events. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon unexpectedly evacuates Jewish settlements in and around Gaza after US pressure to do so. It has been estimated that over 80,000 Israeli's were dispossed of their homes in the process. Shortly thereafter, Hurricane Katrina forms in the Gulf of Mexico and strikes US coast causing the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of American citizens.

Before this, when the first President Bush, under pressure by James Baker, then Secretary of State refuses to agree to a 20 billion dollar loan guarentee for Israel, Hurricane Andrew sweeps through Florida causing over 100 billion dollars in damage.

If these things happened in the past, what on earth is in store for the United States of America considering our new demand on Israel regarding the division of Jerusalem?
This may very well lead to our demise as a functioning nation in control of our own destiny.

It is time for Believers everywhere to prepare for the worst, and to realize that God is still in total control. If we hold the things of this earth too close to our hearts, terror will arise upon our spirits. If we stay close to Him during this time of tulmult, He will give His comfort, grace and peace of heart.

As in the day when judgment was about to fall upon Jerusalem, God had angels go throughout the city to put a mark on the foreheads of those who were His; they were not destroyed during the judgment. Before the exodus the Jews were instructed to put the blood of a lamb over their doorposts. They were saved during the night of terror for the Egyptians.

As Believers in Christ and His conquest of the principalities and powers of darkness and their power over our fates, we are covered and marked as being His. We can take great confidence in this and will need to remind ourselves of this fact in the coming days. He now holds the keys of death and the grave. He has told us to fear not, He is with us, be not dismayed, He is our God. He will guide us through the waters so that we do not drown; lead us through the fire so we are not burned.

The coming fires will just burn off the bondages and shackles of this world for us. Like the three Hebrew children in the burning furnace in Daniel's day, their bonds were consumed with fire and fell off, but they did not even smell of smoke! And there were four men walking about the flame. I wonder what they were talking about? I will have to ask them when I see them! We will have much to talk about also about this day in which we live.

He knows the way we take. He has established our paths. He is our guide, our protector and our shield. He is our Father! Fear not!

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