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Thursday, March 13, 2008


In this weeks PARSHA, 1 Kings 7:13-26 and 40-50 a description of the two main pillars one would see before entering the Temple are named; JACHIN and BOAZ. The meaning of these names is of great interest.

These two columns were the first structures seen when entering the Temple complex.

The name JACHIN means:
* It will be firm - It will be fitted - It will be sure - It will be established - It will succeed and prosper

The meaning of the name BOAZ is uncertain. BOAZ first mention in the Bible is of a man of great wealth during a period of famine in Israel. RUTH, from MOAB refused to leave NAOMI with the cry "your people shall be my people and your God shall be my God." Boaz and Ruth are direct descendents of King David and Yeshua.

The significance of the names of these columns point to the present and future Kingdom of God on earth. Those among the nations who recognize the God of Israel as the one true Creator of all things are directly linked, in a way that is not fully understood by most, into the root of His dealings with mankind. Your God will be my God. Your people will be my people.

After the destruction of the temple by Babylon, a future temple is described by Ezekiel. It also has two columns but they are not made of the same substance. They are of wood, not a metal.

The significance to me of this description of the latter temple is that wood grows from the earth an is a living substance. It takes of the nutrients offered by the earth, suffers through great storms, fires, and infestations throughout its life. Much like mankind its character is formed by its environment.

A tree is also totally dependant upon light and warmth from the sun; a source it has no control over provides a climate and warmth. We also are totally dependant upon a source of strength, warmth and growth from a Source beyond our control. We are totally dependant upon our Father in Heaven and His Son living in us and interceeding on our behalf for our growth and maturity.

He has promised that if our faith fails not we will also become pillars in His temple. Pillars in the eternal house of God. Where He finally dwells with mankind. I believe this is His hearts desire, to finally have a people to whom He can be a Father in the way He desires.

We can take great comfort that as we enter His heavenly temple in prayer, thanksgiving, and intercession we spiritually walk past the pillar JACHIN which is firm, fitted and sure, and the pillar BOAZ which represents His dealings with mankind on earth to always have a witness among famine, disaster and want.

These wooden pillars in the temple Ezekiel envisioned represent the process of successfully weathering the storms, both spiritual and physical here on earth.

As He shakes everything that can be shaken in these troubled days, as we enter into His presence on a daily basis, the pillars we walk past in our spirit do not move! In this is our confidence!

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