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Saturday, July 26, 2008


"Because he hath poured out his soul unto death..." (Isaiah 53:12)

I want to be effective and used of God? In light of Scripture do I know what I am asking for? Isaiah 53 says that it pleased the LORD to bruise him, his soul was made an offering for sin. One cannot offer 10% of their soul, it is all or nothing. His soul was made an offering. Not a wave offering, not a praise offering, not a first fruits offering, but an offering for sin.

If Isaiah 53 is taken in context of Christ offering on our behalf, it is a sobering thought that the Only Beloved of the Father, the Son of God, was put to grief and bruised by the Father.

Because Christ fulfiled the pleasure of the LORD, He will see the travail of His soul and be satisfied with the product of His effort. The product is us! Through the pouring out of His soul, His being numbered with the transgressors, intercession for sinners and baring the sins of many, we are accepted into His kingdom because of His sacrifice. What humility! What love!

It will take an eternity for me to comprehend what He accomplished on my behalf during His time of travail, mockings, scourgings, and obedience to the death; even the death on a cross. To live among men for 30 years, be baptized, filled with the Holy Spirit, then led into the Wilderness to be tempted of Satan; led there by the Spirit of God, none the less! As He learned and was being pressed as an olive in an olive press, He knew that a man cannot live by bread alone, but by the word of God. Isaiah 53:11 says by His knowledge He shall justify many. As do we, He learned obedience through the things He suffered. All the while, learning and suffering without sin; bearing our iniquity.

Truly, as the Song of Songs (1:1-3) says, because of the savor of His good ointments, as He was pressed beyond measure; His name is an ointment poured forth. As He draws we must run to Christ our King, and be brought into His chambers as the days of calamity befall us. Draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. Current events confirm that His time of visitation is at hand.

We have been tried. We are being tested. Our faith will go through the fire. In the process every purpose of the LORD will be performed (Jeremiah 51:28). He sits in the heavens and observes the sons and daughters of men. He looks for those who have a heart for Him. Christ's sacrifice will not be wasted; He died that many would be saved.

Our mighty King did not pour out His soul to no avail! We are purchased with a price; a price beyond comparison or measure. The ointment of His sacrifice will be savoured throughout the Ages to come. Don't let the enemy try to convince us that we have failed, that we will not make it, that God is mad at us! It's a lie! Don't fall for it! Believers have been purchased with a price. The Father saw the travail of Christ's soul and was satisified! Satisfied! Satan is a liar.

In the time of our visitation, may we be found full of faith; no matter the circumstance. We live by His faith! It is His faith! It is His sacrifice! He is called Faithful and True! It is His will that we enter into His presence with fullness of joy. The joy of the LORD is our strength. Even as sorrows fill the earth we can have great joy that we are saved, we have been bought with a very heavy, heavenly price. NONE, no principality, no power, no devil, no evil, no doubt, no event, no fear can snatch us out of the palm of His hand. Of this fact we are most confident!

Have a wonderful Sabbath thinking upon and searching for Him! He is near, even at the door!

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