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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Song of Songs 2:8,9 ~
"The voice of my Beloved! behold, He cometh, leaping upon the mountains, skipping upon the hills. My Beloved is like a roe or a young hart; behold, He standeth behind our wall, He looketh forth at the windows, showing Himself through the lattice."

In my walk with Christ I desire intimacy with Him. I desire seperation from the world. As the Song of Songs infers, there is a place hidden from everyone where the Beloved meets His loved one and they enjoy intimacy in all of its forms. This is where a relationship begins, develops and grows. Christ for me! But what if I desire to never leave the place of intimacy and wait there for Him to enjoy His presence all for myself? Is this fair to a lost and dying humanity I am in contact with every day?

Everyone I meet is searching. Most are lost and do not know which way to go. Is it possible to be converted and to know the value of His death on the cross, without knowing how to apply it to my everyday life? Yes, I believe this is possible. Imature or new Believers only realize what the LORD has been TO THEM! They have the LORD, but the LORD does not yet have them. Christ FOR ME is my cry; I am not yet wholly for Christ and His purpose in my life.

I concentrate on the voice of my Beloved. He is mine! He comes leaping upon the mountains and skipping over the hills. Mountains and hills in a Biblical sense represent trials, tribulations and obstacles in our life. He won complete victory over every trial, tribulation and obstacle through His death and victorious resurrection! His victory is our victory! There is power in the resurrection life and He wants to get me out of the secret place to share the victory with the lost and dying. They will see the victory over trials and tribulation in my life as I walk in His life. People will see and want this victory in their lives. Truly, a living sacrifice for God.

He is risen! We are in Him! He has defeated all foes! He leaps-there are no hindrances. The wall He looks behind is the wall of seperation I have built to shelter myself from the world. He begs me to "come away with Him"! He and I can leap and skip over every difficulty I face. There are victories to be won, souls to influence and save, mountains to conquer. I must not be like Peter in Mark 9:5 when he wanted to settle in and built three taberancles and dwell therein, when at the bottom of the mountain were lost souls and a dying world.

I must remember Christ's perspective. He is here for me. He died for me. He loves me. He is coming again for me. But He also has a job for me to do; to be His witness in the middle of what may very well be a social tornado in these closing days of time. He will not be imprisoned behind my wall; He must move! I must move with Him. Communion and victory go hand in hand. One feeds off of the other.

I must not look inward, selfishly all of the time. This is my tendacy. I must start looking at Him; following Him. If I shut up the LORD in myself only, I shut Him out of the world that surrounds me. His presence is with me no matter my surroundings. Andrew Murray said, "The LORD'S presence should not only be a reality in your prayers, but a reality in your factory."

Our Beloved says, "Come away with Me". As I start to leave my place of safety, security and intimacy, I will begin to realize that no matter the circumstance I may be in, I can trust, believe and feel His ever abiding Presence.

There's a peace in my heart
that the world never gave,
A peace it cannot take away;
Tho' the trials of life
may surround like a cloud
I've a peace that has come there to stay!
All the world seemed to sing
of a Saviour and King
When peace sweetly came to my heart,
Troubles all fled away, and my night turned to day,
Blessed Jesus, how glorious Thou art!
This treasure I have in a temple of clay,
While here on His footstool I roam;
But He's coming to take,
me some glorious day,
over there to my heavenly home!
Constantly abiding
Jesus is mine!
Constantly abiding
Rapture divine!
He never leaves me lonely
Whispers O so kind,
"I will never leave thee"
Have a wonderful weekend dwelling on Him and His love for us!

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