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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Do I Really Know Jesus?

I have read recently of several missionary's whose father was also a missionary. The father was captured and actually eaten by a tribe of cannibles to whom he was ministering. His two son's picked up the ministry of their father and had the "priviledge" of baptising the people who had cannibleized their father! What forgiveness. What mercy. What compassion for souls!

Former terrorist are being saved by the grace of God and are now witnessing to the Islamic communities from which they came. Can you imagine former terrorists who would readily murder women and children in the name of Allah, people so full of hatred and rage against anything that speaks of Christ, becoming Believers in the One they were enraged with? If they were so full of zeal for Allah, what would be their zeal for the One true God?

Ministries in Israel, who also minister to the population centers of Gaza and Judea and Samaria (West Bank), also support men and women who are Believers in the One true God in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, the Sudan and other areas that are hostile to anything that speaks of Christ.

This forgiveness, this grace, this aspect of God's work among the children of men is beyond the comprehension of my mind that has been saturated with the "war on terror" the 9-11 attacks here in the United States, and the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As the Apostle Paul says, oh the depths, knowledge and grace that proceeds from the throne room of God!

Paul, the one who wrote more books of the New Testament was probably considered a terrorist to Believers in the first century of the church. Jesus grabbed hold of this man who was persecuting His church and turned him around completely. He was a man present at the stoning of the first martyr of the church age, Stephen. What fear must have gripped Believers in Damascus as Paul and his band of "terrorists" headed their way to arrest, prosecute and possible inprison or martyr them.

It is all about Christ! Only He can rearainge my mind to where I see every person alive on this planet as a possible Believer in the One who saved me in my darkness and sin. His passion is souls!

Is this my passion?

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