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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Our God is all encompassing! There is nothing hidden from His eyes. From the last planet or star at the end of His universe (if there is an end), to the small sparrow that flutters and falls out of the nest to the ground; He sees all.

" For He commands and the raises up the stormy wind which lifts up the waves...(PSALM 107:25). He causes the vapors to ascend from the ends of the earth and makes lightening for the rain. He brings the winds out of His treasuries. " (PSALM 135:7)

Fire, hail, snow and vapor; stormy wind fulfilling His word (PSALM 148:8)

He has His way among the leaders of men; He raises up and removes. The one thing that cannot be shaken is His love for His children. I am not perturbed by the change of events; Christ told us before He ascended in the clouds that things would be such; why act surprised? Surprise and worry, I believe, can be seen as lack of faith on our part. Our conversations should be in heaven; from whence we look for the Saviour the LORD Jesus Christ! (PHILIPPIANS 3:20)

I pray that God give me the heart cry of the Apostle Paul regarding the issues facing me today; as the world spins further out of control, may I be able to say, "THIS ONE THING I DO, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those THINGS WHICH ARE BEFORE, I press forward for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!" (PHILIPPIANS 3:13,14)

For anyone who reads or listens to talk radio programs, there is fear mongering that can leap onto a person and it is only by an act of God that it can be removed. It is as if God is not big enough to handle our everyday issues; can He not prepare for His own children? A heart of fear is denying that He can, and that He will watch over us.

Governments rise, governments fall; economies prosper and economies fail; He still sits as King in the heavens. He has promised us, and He said it, (not believing this is nothing short of calling God a liar) - "The mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but My kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant (contract, promise) of My peace be removed, saith the LORD that has mercy on thee..." (ISAIAH 54:10)

Do not be caught up in the spirit of fear; and it is a spiritual force. Fear causes panic, faithlessness, and doubt. It is not of God. Many times the spirit of fear comes from supposed believers who parade as spokespersons for God - do not fall into the trap!

I guard what I read. I guard what I watch. I try to remember the promises of God to His children. Why wallow in the muck, mire, and filth of societies that are in judgment; proving that there is a Righteous God in the heavens who judges sin? As sure as He judges sin, greed and disobedience, He gives peace, comfort and joy to His own. There is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.

The eternal God is my Refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms;
He will thrust out the enemy from before me and shall say, "Destroy them."
I will then dwell in safety along. The fountain of Jacob will be upon a land of corn and wine and the heaven will drop its dew. (Deu. 33)

True for Israel, true for us!

Concentrate on His promises! They are sure, steadfast and true. He will give His angels charge over thee to keep you in all of your ways. In the multitude of my thoughts within me His comfort delights my soul (Psalm 94:19).

" The LORD our God in the midst of us is mighty;
He will save,
He will rejoice over us with joy,
He will rest in His love,
He will joy over thee with singing!"

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