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Saturday, February 7, 2009


I spoke with a Representative of the union I belong to here in the school system in WV and they were hopeful that employees would get a 2% raise in July.

What could I do with an extra $50 a month?

That would buy a nice evening meal for my wife and myself at the Outback or Cracker Barrel here in town!


According the THE BIBLE LEAGUE, 2 billion people in the world today would gladly recieve their own copy of the Bible, if one were available to them. An estimated 200 million Christians around the world do not have a Bible of their own. There are 2,200 language communities that do not have access to a Bible because it has not been translated into their language.

There are more than 6,700 ethnic groups that have not yet been presented with the gospel message of salvation through the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf.

The possible $50 increase in my salary could buy a nice meal, which would last for an evening, or it would buy 12 Bibles for these souls across our troubled planet who have never seen a Bible!

Would I rather have a "blooming onion" at the Outback, or give 12 Bibles to 12 people that may be the deciding factor of whether they spend eternity in heaven or hell?

Not a difficult choice for me to make.....

THE BIBLE LEAGUE - Toll free telephone 1-866-825-4636
BIBLELEAGUE.ORG on line giving and web site.

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