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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

GOD - Our Deliverer

Matthew Henry has an excellent commentary on Psalm 18 verses 8 - 14.
For anyone who has ever received compassion, deliverance and grace from God while in dire circumstances, these words hit the nail right, squarely on the head.

" His (God's) wrath smoked, it burned, it was fire, it was devouring fire, and coals were kindled by it. Those that by their own sins make themselves as coals (fuel) to this fire will be consumed by it. He that ordains His arrows against the persecutors sends them forth when He pleases, and they are sure to hit the mark and do execution; for those arrows are lightenings (verse 14). "

" He shows His readiness to plead His people's cause and work deliverance for them; for He rode upon a cherub and did fly, for the maintaining of right and the relieving of His distressed servants. No opposition, no obstruction, can be given to Him who rides upon the wings of the wind, who rides on the heavens, for the help of His people, and, in His excellency, on the skies. "

" He showed His condescension, in taking cognizance of David's case: He bowed the heavens and came down, did not send an angel, but came Himself, as One afflicted in the afflictions of His people. He wrapped Himself in darkness, and yet commanded light to shine out of darkness for His people, (Isaiah 45:15). "

" He is a God that hideth Himself; for He made darkness His pavilion, His glory is invisible, His counsels are unsearchable, and His proceedings unaccountable, and so, as to us, clouds and darkness are round about Him; we know not the way that He takes, even when He is coming towards us in ways of mercy; "

" BUT, when His designs are secret, they are kind; for, though He hide Himself, He is the God of Israel, the Saviour. And, at His brightness, the thick clouds pass, comfort returns, the face of affairs is changed, and that which was gloomy and threatening becomes serene and pleasant. "

* O the marvelous ways and works of our God. His ways are beyond comprehension. But rest assured, He works on our behalf in every difficulty.

I will call upon the LORD who is worthy to be praised, so shall I be saved from my enemies. ( Psalm 18 )

From where do we get this confidence?

Whosoever shall call upon the Name of the LORD shall be saved! Are you a "whosoever" ? So am I - pray with confidence, expecting an answer. We may not understand His ways, but we know that He hears and will answer!

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