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Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday Thoughts

Is this a way of God?

Isaiah 52 gives a picture of One who caused astonishment among men. God's servant's vision and appearance was so marred, more than any man. His form was scarred and tortured more than the sons of men.

In this manner, for this reason, from God's perspective many nations will be sprinkled, made aware, and observe such things. They are confronted and cannot ignore the suffering of this Servant. They really do not understand; nor do they want any part of this process.

The Scripture says kings will shut their mouths at Him; this Servant of God. That which has been told, they shall see. That which they have heard, they shall consider. Let us also consider~

Is this a way of God? Do Do His servants suffer pain, despair and violence at the hands of this world? Is it allowed by the invisible hand of God? Is this a process to learn total dependency upon Him? Does our faith grow stronger in the process? Are our spiritual muscles expanded and strengthened? Is this what is necessary to convince us that we truly are totally dependant on God for all things?

This is not the way the world perceives being blessed. Satan can also send prosperity, health and ease. A life of comfort is the ultimate goal for most; they run from adversity at all costs. What is the end result of the mindset that avoids anything of trial and tribulation? What of eternity? What of spiritual growth?

The reason the world, the kings, our friends are astonished at such affairs that happen in our lives is that they run from any type of adversity. It is against human nature to go through such things. In the natural we also run; it seems to be in our DNA to avoid such things.

The enemy of mankind always sends his lies that if God was for us we would not go through seasons such as these. Was God for Jesus? Is Jesus our Saviour? Is He not our example? If He is our master in this life do we expect to be treated differently?

We are trapped in this shell of a human body. But we are not shells walking around avoiding adversity when it comes our way. We are eternal beings who has a Father in heaven, with our strong Advocate Jesus sitting at His right hand! All things are under His control; even when things seem to spin out of control.

Our glory, our boastingt is in the power of our God; not in our power! He brings us through the shadows of death and despair. He never leaves us nor forsakes us. Glorify Him in the midst of the fires. The fire only burns off what binds us; the strong ropes that attach themselves to us in our seasons of testing and despair. They serve an eternal purpose I feel we will not fully understand until we get to our final destination.

Like the three Hebrew children in the book of Daniel, there is always a fourth One walking in our midst. These came through the firey furnace. The only thing burned off of them were the ropes that had them tied and bound.

Never forget, He has promised to be with us, even to the end of the earth. He is Faithful and True! The Spirit of the Living God will bring a scripture or a song in the night; I pray my ears are tuned to hear what the Spirit is saying to me, daily. If there is a season when I do not or cannot hear that still small voice, I pray He will bring to remembrance what He said to me yesterday or the day before!

He is God! What He said the other day still applies today. His words are eternal. We are eternal. He is not a man that He should lie. Rest in His promises. Stand on the promises of God!

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