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Monday, March 22, 2010

What A Week!

This has been a week to remember. Last weekend I felt bad with a headache, nausea and general flu symptoms. I work at a High School and my fear is that I caught something there. I clean the Medical Office in my nightly duties.

Sunday I felt so bad that I did not go to church. On Monday of last week, a week ago today, I passed out cold in our dining room and fell across the table; out like a light! My wife called 911, I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and was hooked up to everything they had available. I lay there thinking, " I have never been sick, NEVER! " This is not for me! There must be some mistake!

After extensive testing for bacteria or viral meningitis, and three spinal taps (two very unsuccessful, and very painful) I was admitted into isolation for three days. It was never fully determined to my satisfaction what I may have contracted. I was discharged last Wednesday. I have been having severe headache and neck pain since. I have an appointment with my family physician in two days regarding an elevated red blood cell count. I am praying in that regard.

The evening before I got home my wife became ill with a stomach flu. She fully recovered in a day and a half. (She had to recover, to take care of me, the worst patient of her life!)

The afternoon I got home, her father, who lives a short distance from us had a heart attack! He is presently still in the hospital and is to have heart surgery in two days.
His name is Howell; please keep him in your prayers.

In the middle of all of this mess, uncertainty, confusion and concern over health issues, the Holy Spirit, out of the blue, as they say, brought a beautiful song to my soul and it blessed me greatly. I have not heard this song for possibly 30 years so I know it was God trying to speak comfort to my soul and give me added assurance that He knows exactly the situation we are in, that He is in full control, and that this is something that I must go through to reach a new level of spiritual maturity and growth. It can be gained by no other way.

The first verse and chorus goes thus ~

" In shady green pastures, so rich and so sweet;
God leads His dear children along, "

" Where the waters cool flow bathes the weary one's feet,
God leads His dear children along - "

" Some through the waters,
some through the flood,
some through the fire,
but all through the blood, "

" Some through great sorrow,
but God gives a song;
In the night season ,
and all the day long. "

How sweet of the Spirit of God to bring this song to mind - And He gave me the words so that I was able to sing it over and over again in this time of growth, fear and uncertainty. He loves each of us so much that He is determined that we will grow more and more into the image of His Son through our travel on this troubled planet.

There is coming a day when the Son will arise with healing in His wings and we will be with Him, gazing upon Him in His fullness for all of eternity. What a day that will be - when our Jesus we will see !!

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