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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Favor Of God

Thoughts from Matthew Henry - 1600's Bible Commentator ~

Always keep a holy reverence of the glory and majesty of God; a holy dread of His wrath and curse, and dare not provoke Him. Let your thoughts fasten upon that which is good and keep closely to it; even in unquiet times keep your spirit calm and quiet.

We must look with an eye of faith; further than we can see with our eye of sense. "LORD, let us have Thy favor, and let us know that we have it and we will desire no more; that is enough to make us happy."

"LORD, be at peace with us, accept of us, let us be satisfied of Thy loving kindness and we will be satisfied with that."

If we have the favor of God we should beg it for others as well as for ourselves, for in God's favor there is enough for us all and we shall not be less for ourselves for sharing it with others. Though we may be alone, we are not alone if God is with us.

Though we have no guards to attend to us, the LORD alone is sufficient to protect me, He can do it Himself when all other defenses fail. If we have the light of God's countenance we can enjoy ourselves. Our soul returns too God and reposes our self in Him as our rest. (He is our resting place, King David says).

A good person, having by faith and prayer cast our care upon God, sleeps and rests night and day, and is very easy, leaving it to our God to perform all things for us and we are prepared to welcome His holy will.

In singing verses, and praying them, let us, with a holy contempt of the wealth and pleasure of the world, as insufficient to make us happy, earnestly seek the favor of God and pleasingly solace ourselves in that favor; and with a holy indifference about the issues of our worldly concerns, let us commit ourselves to all our affairs to the guidance and custody of the Divine Providence,

and be satisfied that all shall be made to work for good to us if we keep ourselves in the love of God.

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A Seed Sower said...

A wonderful word of encouragement for the saints...