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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Veiled In Christ - David Wilkerson


(prayer in sermon by Brother Dave shortly before his death)

It is time for the Joshua's to stand, lead the LORD'S people in truth and battle the way their Father's have taught them. LORD, only You can speak to the depths of the soul.

I do not know who this if for, but LORD, I am going to speak to those who have backslidden. To those, O LORD, who have been growing cold and indifferent to the call of God and the things of Christ. O God, come and speak.

God says, " The Word that I've sent to you, I did not sent it out to be void - But the Word I have given to you is going to accomplish the very thing I said it would - LORD, I flee to You to hide me. Folks, the original in that says " I will veil myself in You..."

Now you think about it - You see our faith now cannot be based on emotion, our faith cannot be based on just the testimonies of others who have been deliverd. Our faith cannot be cliches'. It cannot be just a shout. We have to have a foundation for the faith we are going to need. And this has to be laying hold of God's own claims of who He is.

This thing starts our right here - Oh, hear my prayer, LORD, Here is my supplication. In Your faithfulness answer me and in Your righteousness. And here is a challenge - God, here is the basis upon which I come to You - Not what I have heard in the past about people, but here is what You told me You are. You said that You are faithful, You said that You are just, You said that You are holy, You cannot lie.

You cannot be Gof if You are not faithful. You said You are the God of peace. You said You are the God of my strength. Now I am coming to You, I am going to lift my hands to You, I am going to believe what You said about Yourself -

And I am coming on the merits of nothing I have done, no righteousness of my own - But on the promise of God, what You told me. Remember the Word to Your servant which You have caused me to hope in. This is my comfort in my affliction, for You have now quickened me. How am I quickened?

LORD, God, I have lifted my hands to You. I have trusted You. I have claimed Your promises. You are who You said You are-From now on - from this day on, I am going to will myself in You. I am going to cut myself off from all confidence in my flesh, or in people, or in anyone else. I am going to throw myself at Your mercy - Your grace - Your power - Your glory - And I am veiling myself in Christ.

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Amy said...

Dear Randy, I pray for you - your health and encouragement - and hope you are well. As well as your wife and foster daughter. Thank you for posting this prayer, it spoke very specifically to me, even just the title you gave it was enough to make me start crying before I even read the rest. I came back to read it again today to remind myself. Thank you. In Yeshua, Amy