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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Out Of The Depths

Out of the depths have we cried unto You, O LORD. LORD hear our voice; let Your ear be attentive to the voice of our supplications. (Psalm 130:1)

Some of the trials we go through are to strengthen our faith. Brother Wilkerson said that many of the trials we go through are because of our faith!

Consider the three Hebrew children in the book of Daniel. They were cast into the firey furnace, heated just for the them, seven times hotter because of their faith.

And, the Prophet Daniel himself was thrown into the lions den because of his faith. This man had proven his faith for years. He was so close to God that he could not only interprete dreams but tell a king what the dream was in the first place! He was already a man of faith.

When we go through the firey trials and it seems that we, as Daniel are being thrown to the lions, we are being changed in the process. Faith is not knowing that God can rescue us, it is believing that He WILL rescue us.

There were four men walking in the fire of the furnace in Babylon; Christ walking and talking with the three Hebrew men. He has also promised you and I that He would never leave us or forsake us. That is a promise we can take to the bank!

There are times when deep, distressing trials come and I feel like throwing in the towel. "God, this is it, I cannot take it any more...." I feel in my spirit that God does not pity me, not one bit, He knows just how I am feeling. What He tells me to do most of the time is what He told Job after His severe trial; stand up on your feet! Cast off the dust from yourself and recognize what is going on and remember Who I AM.

He is in total control. Even in my recent travels through my valley of the shadow of death, or at least as close as I have come to that spot thus far, I have felt His presence. While crying and praying on my trips to the emergency room as my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest; I could feel His presence upon me.

I did not understand why it was happening. Brief pangs of terror would try to overtake me; but I could feel the presence of God upon me. At the same time the enemy would say "He does not hear you, He never did, you have been playing a game...."  When I felt terror; I prayed it away. It was a tangible spirit of terror, difficult to explain. But this thing is real. We are not in a battle of imagination. We fight the same wars all Children of God fight. Especially if we desire to draw closer to Him than we are. Hell knows and sees this desire and will throw everything it has at us because of our desire for more of God. Hell knows those who are just satisfied to be going to heaven and those who want all of God they can get for the short period we are here on planet earth. 

 We do not need to fear these feeling and thoughts when they come, and they will come. It is not because we are far from God; that is what the voice insinuates, it is just the opposite, the lies and events occur because we want MORE OF GOD. This battle is real world, real time and as personnal as it gets. But if we know anything about God, He is more than real, He is very present in times of trouble.

I can say without equivocation, God is with us at all times. He calms the stormy seas in our times of trouble. He speaks calm to our souls. Going through these things causes great examination of how deep we are in the things of the Spirit of God; it draws us ever closer. We are purified and mature during these fearful events. He is always there.

A deeper understanding of His faithfulness occurs. A more mature understanding of His ways becomes enbedded in our soul. It is something not easy to forget. During my five visits to the hospital since May as the billows of fear try to roll in He enables me to fight them back in the spirit, by His Spirit. I have to stand up on the inside, realize who He is and who He said I am in Him, and the billows start to disapate. We are already seated in Heavenly (spiritual) Places in Christ Jesus. The battle is already won; we are just walking it out in our own lives and learning and growing through the process. Christ is coming back for a mature Bride who knows Him; really knows Him. So everything we are going through is serving an eternal purpose. 

I am having an operation on December 8 of this year, in two weeks, and no matter what happens He has been here with me, even closer than any brother; all I have had to do is call upon Him and know that the One who created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them, the One who said He holds our hearts in His hand, is ever present.

He is faithful and true. Bless His Name.


Amy said...

Dear Randy, thank you for sharing this encouraging word as well as your struggles so we can pray for you. I just scheduled an alarm in my phone for Dec 8 so I won't forget to pray for you and your heart that day. God bless you dear brother. This is the victory - even our faith! I pray you will know deep in your spirit, in those moments that you have the sensation of fear in your chest as your heart pounds, that it is just something happening in your body, it's not you giving into fear. I pray you can hide in Him, in His peace, and experience the knowledge that you are safe, in spite of it all. And that your wife is safe in His arms too. Shalom, Amy

Randy Peacher said...

Thank you, dear Sister. The prayers of righteous people accomplishes more than we will ever realize. I appreciate your prayers and comments. God has not given us the spirit of fear; this tells us that this is a spirit not from God. It is something that our flesh works up or the spirit itself sees our moments of vulnerability and takes full advantage of it! To be truly veiled in Christ, not on occasion when I may be feeling a little holy, but to be veiled in Him always is my goal. We will get there! How? By Him! It is is will...Thank you so much. Have a joyous, restful and Holiday Season knowing that the One who created both the Heavens and Earth dwells with us; Emanuel, God with us!