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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Still Learning!

One of my supervisors at work is a "piece of work." I have traveled the world and thought I had met every type of person possible. I was wrong! How was I wrong.

I have had to defend myself numerous times from this fellow and nothing seems to work. I have used every "trick in the book" in an effort for him to just leave me alone and let me do my assigned jobs. All to no avail.

I asked God a number of times to help me figure out an angle to get the better of this fellow so he would back off a little bit; nothing!

All I could pick up on from heaven is the phrase pray for him; pray for him. Pray that He finds God. Pray that he sees his error and that lying and back stabbing are not right. This is a tall order for me. I like to think myself compassionate. I would like to think I would give the shirt off of my back if someone needed it. I think I would.

But pray for someone like this guy? You have got to be kidding....but I have been. At first I was gritting my teeth and felt like a hypocrite. I asked God to help me to pray for him. I did not have to tell God how I felt about this fellow, but I did, and He spoke softly to me and said I understand.

Deep in my spirit I started to understand the depth of God's love for a rebellious world. Total rebellion against God. Subservient to Satan; under his control and liking it. Yet, God gave the earth His only Son to not only die, but to be beaten, spat upon, mocked and hung on a cruel, crude tree instead of us dying for our sin. Christ died for ours.

In my recent health problems I have had a sense of the finality of death. It is appointed to mankind to once die; and after death, judgement. I have put this fellow who is giving me so much trouble in that situation and I have suddenly been fearful for him. I find myself now praying that he will see his error; ask God to forgive him, because I can and I know God will. God said that all who call on the Name of the LORD will be saved. He is not willing that any should perish. Not ONE. Not even the people I do not necessarily like!

I am on a strong learning curve here in this situation. God will never be finshed teaching me. He knows how hard headed I am.

God, soften my heart to those who are in strong error and seem to have no sense of the finality of eternity with out You. Give me a heart of intercession and compassion. Help me to not get so angry when I am offended, taken advantage of, or used.

Give me a heart like Jesus!

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