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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Two Cities - Two Destinies

Joseph A. Seiss Bible Commentary ~

The world and all its activities and achievements is made up of two opposing sides; the side of the heavenly, which is the good and blessed, and the side of the earth, which is sensual and devilish; the true and the false;

the things which gravitate toward eternal life and the things which gravite toward destruction and the second death; the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of the devil.

These two sides are at present intermingled and are differently situated toward each other at different periods; often hard to distinquish from each other. But everything on either side has an affinity for its own and is true to its own, so that in the process of time each side becomes more and more itself-developed and consolidated until the two antagonistic influences, tendecies, and parties crystallize to their true spirit and finally come out in two seperate cities (Babylon and the Heavenly Jerusalem).

The one is destined for everlasting extinguishment under the wrath of God; the other for eternal illumination with His unveiled presence and glory.

* Which city influences us more?

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