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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

School Of Christ-T. Austin Sparks

Further thoughts from SCHOOL OF CHRIST by T. AUSTIN SPARKS

" You and I are going to face God sometime. We are going to come face to face with God literally in eternity and then the question is going to arise, Has God at any point failed us? Shall we be able, on any detail, to say, Lord, You failed me, You were not true to Your Word?

Such a position is unthinkable, that even any being should be able to lay a charge like that at God's door, to have any question as to God's truth, reality, faithfulness. The Holy Spirit has been sent as the Spirit of truth to guide us into all truth, so that there shall be no shadow whatever between God and ourselves as to His absolute faithfulness, His truth to Himself, and to all His Word. The Holy Spirit has come for that.

If that is true, then the Holy Spirit will deal with all disciples (us) in the School of Christ to undercut everything that is not true, that is not genuine. To make every disciple to stand upon a foundation which can abide before God in the day of His absolute and utter vindication. "

" This foundation has to take a fairly heavy responsibility, no less a responsibility than our eternal well being and destiny, nay, the very vindication of God Himself."

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