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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Psalm 91:14-16

"Because I have set my love upon God He will deliver me. He will set me upon high because I have known His Name."

"I will call upon Him and He will answer me-He will be with me during trouble; He will deliver me and honor me. With long life will He satisfy me, and show His salvation."

This Psalm is probably written by the sweet Psalmist of Israel; King David. A man, when we consider his life here on earth who went through more trials than we will ever experience. He numbered Israel, an act of pride which cost the lives of 70,000 of his citizens. He was a man who had an affair with a woman that was the wife of another man; and was responsible for her husbands death. He lost the child she bore unto him. A man who had a rebellious son who turned against him, Absolom, who attempted to overthrow David's kingdom. His beloved son's rebellion resulted in an untimely death.

This man David wrote this Psalm in spite of his failures. He knew that the mercies of God are renewed each and every morning; great is His faithfulness. So must we.

No matter what has happened or what may happen, never lose hope in God! He will deliver and honor us if we continue to call unto Him.

He will, He has already, and He will continue to show us His salvation. Call upon His Name; His ears will never grow heavy that He cannot hear or His arms grow short that He cannot save!

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