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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

His Garden

One of the most unexplained, least read Books of the Bible has to be the Song of Solomon. If taken from a spiritual prospective, the love and feelings between the Bridegoom for His Bride, the Bride for Him and the difficulty the Bride has with her surroundings without the Presence of the Groom, it is an excellent picture of our walk with Christ.

I was reading in Song of Solomon chapter 4:15,16 and chapter 6:2,3. The picture is of the Groom going into His garden to examine His flowers, plants and trees. Taken in context with the earth being a fruitful field, to be reaped at the Last Day, this is interesting. The soil of any beautiful garden needs to be broken up, tilled and cared for properly. The beautiful spices do not come out unless they are broken or crushed between the fingers.

In that context, I just spoke with another Minister friend of mine I met on one of my stays in the hospital and he has been having kidney issues and is trusting God to heal him; I know God will. I have had three days of total misery with a stomach flu unlike anything I have ever experienced. In the middle of this broken and crushed condition, he and I had prayer for each other, reminded each other of God's faithfulness and quoted many of the promises of God to His children.

We are the sheep of His pasture; He is a faithful Shepherd. His ears have not grown hard that He cannot hear or His ears grown heavy that He cannot hear.

In our sicknesses, trials, difficulties and troubles, which we will have because we are in a sin sick world, in the midst of this, our faith, prayers, belief and statements in support of the promises of God are the fragrance, the spice, the fruit in His garden.

" Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south;
blow upon my garden, that the spices may flow out.
Let my Beloved come into His garden and eat His pleasant fruits."

" My Beloved is gone into His garden, to the beds of spices,
to feed in the gardens and to gather lilies.
I am my Beloved's and my Beloved is mine:
He feedeth among the lillies."

The crushing that occurs at times serve a purpose, not necessarily our purpose, but His. The perfect sacrifice to God is a broken and contrite heart; He will not refuse their prayers. There are days of great victory and days when He walks through His garden to gather
the fruit it is producing. Do not lose heart; everything serves a purpose. He is a faithful Gardener and will do no more than is necessary to bring for a pleasant fragrance.  

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