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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


" Fear not, for I AM is with you. Be not dismayed, for He is our God. He will strengthen us; He will help us; He will uphold us with the right hand of His righteousness.". (Isaiah 41:10).

In these times of turmoil He is aware of our situation; not in a general sense, but in a very personal, intimate sense. He is, after all and above all, our Father. He is leading this nation in a way it has not experienced since the Great Depression and WWI and WWII. Believers and Children of the Most High are going for the ride. Our confidence is in Him! Not the US Government. He has declared war on all that has resisted Him over the recent decades; kicking Him our of our school system, not allowing His basic, moral, all encompassing Ten Commandments to be displayed in the public square. Now, to add insult to injury, US textbooks that our children are learning from say that Jesus was a Palestinian! Dividing His Land is now established policy.

All nations before Him are as nothing. But His children are everything. He will not allow the Bride of His Son Jesus to fall so as to never rise again. During this time of national and worldwide crisis, there is calm beside His throne. He has declared the end of all things and the way it would happen before the earth was even created!

Who has measured the waters (oceans, seas, underground steams) in the hallow of His hand? Who measured out the heavens with the span of His hand? Who weighted the dust of planet earth and weighed the mountains in scales and the hills on a balance? Who has directed the Spirit of the LORD and counseled Him or taught Him? To whom will we liken our Father?
(Isaiah 40).

It is our Father who sits in the heavens and upon the circle of the earth. He stretches out the heavens like a curtain and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in. As we look into the heavens we can rest assured, in total faith, that He gives power to the faint of heart. To those who have no strength He increases might. Even when the youth who are full of vigor and strength grow weary of the struggle here on earth; He suddenly arises upon our spirits and gives strength, vigor, victory and praise. If we wait upon the LORD, He will renew our strength. We will once again mount up with wings like eagles. We will walk and not grow weary. We shall run and not grow faint.

Teach me LORD to wait upon you!

Beleivers are being made into sharp threashing instruments that have teeth! Through our faith we will threash through the mountains that have fallen upon us and beat them small as dust. The hills will turn into chaff and be blown away in the whirlwind coming upon the entire world.
In the coming wilderness, He will open rivers in the high places and fountains in the middle of our valleys. The wilderness will become a pool of water and the dry ground will become a land of springs of water. He will plant in this wilderness trees and the desert will become fruitful.

Why does He do things like this? He gives the answer in verse 20 of Chapter 41~

"So that they might see,
and know,
and consider,
and understand together,
that the hand of the LORD hath done this,
and the Holy One of Israel hath created it!"

We have been called to be His witnesses. A holy nation seperated from the world system- Totally different from it. Through the events we are about to suffer, He will arise on our behalf so others will see. The faith, calmness, love of God and praise coming from our lips will be a witness, our witness, to the lost and dying. He is not willing that any should perish; but that ALL should come to eternal life in Him.

If we are called to be priests and kings, then our duty is to intercede on behalf of our neighbors and those we know. May God send them to our doors in these times of turmoil and uncertainty and may His Spirit be upon us continually so we can, through our yeilding to Him lead our friends, coworkers, and neighbors to Him.

The events unfolding before our eyes serve several purposes from an eternal perspective. They are His judgments for our sins and through this judgment, many will come to know Him, through us. There will be no place else to go for comfort and peace. Jesus said, His peace He gives us; not the peace the world offers, but His peace. No One was more tormented that our Saviour. Yet, He speaks of peace! Our well of everlasting peace is staying in the Presence of our Father. We are eternal beings. Our trials and tribulations are but for a short season. One day soon we will be in His eternal Presence forevermore.

In His Presence is fullness of joy! Look up; our redemption is near!

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