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Friday, March 27, 2009

Getting Ready-David Wilkerson

This sermon puts things into perspective regarding our daily lives. It is so easy for the enemy, during times of prosperity and peace, to lull us asleep. Being asleep in comfort affects our prayer life, our devotion, and our spiritual effectiveness.

I am beginning to realize that the enemy of our souls will also send prosperity to us! He does this to lull us into being passive in spiritual matters.

In this regard, I think of Jesus during His temptation when Satan offered Him the kingdoms of this world; so this must be within Satan's ability to do so. Oh for the day when the Kingdoms of this world become the Kingdom of our Father in its entirity.

Once that great event occurs, I try to remember that what I do RIGHT NOW can never be reveresed; my actions, prayers, intercessions on behalf of others will be set in eternal concrete; never to be changed.

The Apostle Paul's faithfulness during great sufferings while here on earth in bodily form is recorded for eternity. The fact that John the Revelator laid his head on the breast of Christ and was greatly beloved is also recorded in the annuals of eternity; never to be reversed.

Likewise, our actions, our faithfulness, our prayers are being recorded. God says that every time His name is mentioned He records it!

May our prayers, requests and intercessions be acceptable to Him! By the power of His Spirit in us assisting us in our intercessions, we will succeed!

Keep praying, keep interceeding, forget the temporal things of this earth; it is all a shadow passing away, like smoke that disolves. Only what is done for Him will last!

This sermon by Brother Wilkerson puts in in perspective in a way that only he can! He pulls no punches, he does not try to buy favor or acceptance, he is a spokesman for the Father in these last of the last days.

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