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Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Burning

The days are coming that will burn like an over. Woe unto you who desire the day of the LORD! We must go to the altar of cleansing on a daily basis. The "game" of mankind and governments working out their problems and issues is drawing to a close.

God is rising from His throne and He will shortly, and even now, is showing the nations of the earth who is in total control. In this burning, anything that is not of God, even in Believers, will be consumed. Submit to the heat and allow Him to purge and cleanse. It is necessary or it would not be happening. Those who have been forgiven much will in return love much! Consider the woman that washed Christ feet with her tears. This kind of love is what He ultimately desires.

The Children of Israel had 2000 years from Abraham to the appearance of Messiah; Scripture shows that He was rejected by most and accepted by only a few faithful followers. Many of these paid the ultimate price and were willing and able to do so because of the indwelling of the Spirit of God. They loved not their life unto death.

What is called the Church has also had 2000 years since the ascent of Christ into the Heavens. Are we smarter or more "spiritual" or more discerning than the Children of Israel were? The Apostle Paul warns us against boasting against the root of our faith. We were grafted into this wonderful plan of God.

We must intercede like never before and pray the natural Israel, en mass, becomes the spiritual One New Man, with other Believers scattered around the globe. These are wondrous, eventful, perilous times in which we were trusted by God and privileged to be living. The Father knew that we would "hang tight" with and lean upon Him, that is why we are here!

Hold fast to our confession of faith. He is in total control as the world spins out of control. He is behind it all!

He is with us ALWAYS! Even to the end of the world.

We await His Kingdom of righteousness, justice and peace. All things will be restored and made new. And, we will be here to experience the renewal!!!

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