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Friday, April 3, 2009


The economic crisis is prompting Israeli's who have been living abroad to again look to Zion as their place of safety. More than 2,000 Israeli's have returned to Israel between August and mid October 2008. This is a 50% increase from the same period of last year.

Immigration from the former Soviet Union, after its breakup, and after a further economic crisis and banking crash there in 1998 resulted in 1,000,000 Jews immigrating from there to Israel.
During this time frame when these from Russia moved back to Israel, 800,000 moved back from the USA, Germany and Canada to join family members and relatives who were already living there.

These facts, in relation to the word of God, dovetail to last day fulfillment of prophecy. God said that in the last of days He would speak to the four winds of the earth and regather His chosen people back to Eretz (the Land) of Israel.

Why? Even now on the horizon, He is pressuring Iran, Russia, Turkey, and other Islamic nation's to gather together and attack Israel in what they think will be the final knock-out blow and destruction. GOD IS DOING THIS! Not Satan. Even the enemy is putty in the hands of our Father. Satan is so deceived himself that he still thinks, I believe, that he may possibly win. Or, as could also be possible, Satan is trying to delay the war and delay the forming of one world government and the invasion mentioned in Ezekiel 38 and 38?

At present, the way things are in societies, the devil is having a field day; abortion on demand, wars and murder, robbery and violence. The status quo is quite appealing to him, I would think. Millions under deception and being lost for eternity. He is robbing right out from under God human beings created in the image of God.

Either way, our elder brother's in the faith, Judaism, the basis of Christianity, are leaving the USA. From a natural aspect, this is a disaster as bad as the economic crisis. The United States was blessed in years since our founding as a nation because we were a safe haven, for the most part, for His chosen people.

As the Prophet Daniel said in Daniel 10:20, the Heavenly Messenger told him that He had to return to battle against the Prince of Persia (Iran) and then behold the Prince of Greece (human reason, humanism) will come. This Heavenly Messenger was fighting a war on two fronts, as are we. We battle in the heavenlies against terrorism on the one hand, and against humanism and social acceptance of everything, on the other hand. There is an ongoing war we are waging in the spirit.

The now is, as the days draw to a close, how much do we recognize the battle in which we are engaged? In Daniel 10:21 the Angel of the LORD says, "I will tell you what is recorded in the Scripture of Truth, and no one is strengthening himself together with Me against these except Michael your Prince alone..."

How about us? To be successful in warfare we have to understand who the enemy is! The Apostle Paul says to not be ignorant of the devices and wiles of our enemy. We can be so bogged down with our personal lives and issues, praying about our own situations, and I do have situations on a daily basis; but I must also assist the Angel of the LORD in His great last day battle to bring His own flesh and blood, in a natural sense, back to a full understanding of who their God, and His Saviour is.

We fight against our modern societies where secular humanism reigns supreme. We fight against the nations who seek the destruction of Israel, and we fight our own personal battles as we make our requests known to God and also intercede for family and friends for their salvation.

God is in control! We are His chief interest on this earth. Christ loves us and resides in us. The Holy Spirit will lead us in our prayers. The Spirit knows the mind of the Father and Christ intercedes on our behalf regarding all issues; the personal issues and international issues. We are that special treasure Christ spoke of in His parables. We seem to be hidden in a vast field of humanity and at times we even feel lost ourselves. But take great comfort; He has found us, He gave everything that He had on our behalf, and our salvation and eternity with Him is secure through Him!

We truly live in exciting days! These are the days the Prophet's spoke of!!

Our elder brother Israel is leaving to return to the Land God gave them, and from there He will once again show every being in the universe that the nations of the world are as dust, He blows and they are removed. Truly, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

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