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Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Horse In Battle

The Apostle Paul said that one only has to examine nature closely to see that there is a Creator, a God who is behind all things that exist. I was reading this morning regarding the character of the horse. These beautiful beasts were used in wars of past ages and are still used today in remote regions of the planet.

I have a large retriever, shiny full of energy and as fast a a horse it seems! He gets me out of bed in the mornings by coming into the bedroom; sticking his paw through the crack in the door and slams the door into the wall. He says by his actions that it is time to arise, get my coffee and go outside to throw the stick (really a tree limb!)
His name is Samson; properly names for his strength-he is not going to get a hair cut, ever!

He jumps in anticipation as I wave the stick into the air. He shoots off like a rocket full of jet fuel. He will run into a tree or a planter or a wall to the garden and brush it aside as nothing. He is single eyed and slides several feet as he retrieves the limb. He prances like a dancer as he dashes back up the driveway or through the woods with his treasure. Full of energy to do it all over again.

In the book of Job, God gives a perfect picture of the vitality of the horse. He asks Job if he gave the horse strength? Has Job clothed the horses neck with thunder? Can you make him afraid as a grasshopper? the glory of his nostrils is terrible. He paws in the valley, and rejoiceth in his strength; he goes on to meet the armed men.

He mocks at fear, he is not afraid; neither turneth he back from the sword. The quiver rattleth against him, the glittering spear and the shield. He swallows the ground with fierceness and rage; neither believeth he that is the sound of the trumpet. He says among the trumpets - Ha! Ha! - and he smells the battle from afar off - the thunder of the captains and the shouting.

Those who love and are dedicated to Christ know without a doubt that we are facing the thundering of war in the spiritual world; the glittering spears and shields of our enemy rattle against us. Do we cower, grow weak and fearful? We need to realize that those that are with us are greater than those that are against us.

Can we reach a place where we, like the horse in the natural, mock at fear? Do the promises of God really sink down deep into our soul where they can be readily applied to all of the battles we face?

The key, I believe in my life, is having the ability to say as Christ did in the garden,
" The evil one cometh but he has nothing in me...." Through the blood of Jesus I can say this with confidence. Repentance is a daily, sometimes hourly exercise. The Spirit within speaks without ceasing in that regard. Do not become so bogged down thinking of the battle past, present or future. Like King David says, he had great peace in his spirit because he presented his case to God, had confidence that God heard his request, and that He would take care of the issues.

I should get to a place in Christ where I anticipate the battle; have no fear as I hear the shouts of war or see the glittering darts and defenses of the enemy. Do I paw at the ground in anticipation of winning ground for my King? I have a promise that if I resist the devil, he has to flee!

The battle lines have been drawn for the last days of the age of grace. They have become distinct and visible. Have I put on the whole armour of God in preparation?
If not now, when? If I do not do it for myself with God's help, who will do it for me?

Can we swallow the ground in fierceness and rage at the enemy and set the captives free? Through prayer we can. Through intercession, we can. We have the history of Moses and Aaron, just two, interceding for hundreds of thousands of people stuck in the desert in rebellion. We have the history of the Prophets interceding for the nation of Israel, and God listened. One man, Elijah was so fervent and intimate with God that fire fell from heaven.

May the fire fall into our spirit's and consume all that is unlike Jesus so we can say with confidence, "the evil one comes and he has nothing in me." This is where the power is displayed. Total dedication to God; death to self. Paul could suffer unspeakable suffering in the flesh because he was able to say that he no longer lives but Christ lives in him! Was this only available to Paul? I think not.

Total dedication is required. God help me to be like the sons of Issachar to understand the season in which I live and prepare myself and my household accordingly.

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