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Monday, October 5, 2009

Our View

A Puritan writer from the 1840's( J. B. Stoney ) gave an interesting analogy of the walk of the children of God on this earth. He compared our situation as one of a little bird whom God picks out and shows us a great mountain top. We fly up in expectation of what there is to see.

We get to the mountain top and see into heaven, into the future end of our travels; the promised land, as it were, as described in the Prophets, the Revelation of John the Apostle, and the word of God.

We are gently taken back to our place of our calling, our being chosen by Him, and we begin the journey to the mountain top one small step at a time. A great distance for most; a difficult journey at times, and He is with us all of the way.

The journey builds our character, exhibits His faithfulness and builds our faith in the promise He gives that He will never leave us or forsake us. We are His; He is ours.
One day soon we will each, individually finally reach the crest of the mountain and actually enter into the rest and place God has prepared for His children.

We have gotten a glimpse of Him through His Spirit working and residing in us. He has allowed us a fore taste of what is to come. We already in a spiritual sense are seated with Him in heavenly ( spiritual ) places.

The One who is our intercessor is even now sitting at the right hand of the Father on our behalf. We must never forget this; when the journey is easy as we reach a place of meadow and rest for a season, and when the strong storms of life blow with fury. In both situations He is right by our side.

When we falter and fall, He sees every "little sparrow" as it falls. He is there to heal our wounds, brush us off, give us renewed strength when we think there is none left, and one day very soon we will awaken with a body likened unto His glorious body!

We have this great hope in these earthen vessels of clay. Christ is in us and with us, this is the hope of glory. We are not orphans, we are not forsaken or forgotten in God's great equation. He is ours and we are His!

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