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Friday, October 9, 2009

Twisted And Bound

There is an amazing passage of Scripture in Psalm 89. It gives a background of the calling of God upon chosen ones upon this earth both in the past, the present and the future. He said that He "found" David, His servant. Then He anointed David with His holy oil (represented in this age the Holy Spirit in us).

The list of promises given are amazing as I have thought on them this morning. In chapter 89 God says His hand will be established (a process) and shall be strong for David (and us, as his spiritual seed). The enemy will not exact upon him nor the son of wickedness afflict him. God will beat down (a process that usually takes time) his foes before his face (we will see this happen), and God will plague those that hate us.

God promises that His faithfulness and mercies will be with us. In His Name shall our strength come forth and be exalted. Our strength in all circumstances will exalt His Name. It is all about Him! God will set our hand, or work, in the sea (the peoples) and our right hand in the rivers. We shall cry unto Him (why should we have to cry unless in distress?) when we cry He is our Rock, our God and our Father, He delivers us.

We are his firstborn in creation, higher than the kings of the earth in a spiritual, eternal sense. I think of Rev. Cooper, whom I consider to be my pastor, in his elder years of 88, no matter the situation, his surroundings, those to whom he is speaking, he has the Spirit of the living God upon him and his faithfulness radiates and it all comes down to the question of the ages, " Do you know Jesus"?

God says that His mercy toward us is forevermore. His covenant shall stand fast with us (the seed of David). If God says something will stand fast, it will stand fast! Our seed will endure forever; the seed that acknowledges that He is in control, that we are accountable to and depend upon our great God and Saviour. Our throne, our eternal standing is as solid as the throne of heaven, God says.

When we forsake His law and do not walk in His judgements; when we break His statues and do not keep His commandments, He visits our transgression with the rod, and our iniquities he punishes with stripes. But we are told to not despise the chasening of the LORD; those He loves, He chastens. It is not pleasant at all, believe me, but it is necessary from time to time or He would not do it.

NEVERTHELESS! - He says His loving kindness He will not utterly take from us nor suffer His faithfulness to fail. His covenant with us, His promises He will never break. No matter how we feel in a given situation, His promises are true. We must remind ourselves of them daily, sometimes during great trial, hourly!

Our confidence? He swore by His Holiness that He will not lie to us! Our seed shall endure forever, into the ages of eternity. Our throne, our position in Him, is established as the sun before God; we are established as the moon as His faithful witnesses in the heavens (spiritual places).

Here is the difficult part for me personally. I am told that those who wait upon the LORD shall have their strength renewed. Last evening at work I was so tired and weary that I had great difficulty even getting out of my vehicle; much less doing any work. I thought of the verse in Isaiah that " those who wait upon the LORD will have their strength renewed..." ( Isaiah 40:31).

I looked up the original meaning of the word "wait" and was surprised at what it means. I means to be bound together, like twisting of cords; to expect and patiently tarry and wait. In other words, if I am bound to Him, which I am by faith, I do not run ahead of Him and try to make things happen right now! I fight this tenancy all of my life; it is a very bad weakness in both a physical and spiritual sense. Great mistakes have been made on my part by so easily yielding to this tendency. How many blessings and deliverance's have I forfeited because of this?

Jeremiah says in Lamentations 3: 24,25 that the LORD is our portion. Therefore, I hope in Him. The LORD is good unto those that wait for Him, to the soul that seeks Him (in every situation).

LORD, teach me to wait, to be so bound and twisted together with You that we become inseparable. God's promise to David and his seed, of which we are, " I have sworn by My holiness that I will not lie to David. "

One of His names when He appears the final time to this earth, it is even written on the horse upon which He will ride, FAITHFUL and TRUE. We can depend on this; as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow morning and the moon and stars appear tonight.
Great is His faithfulness.

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