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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Show Forth!

In all of our issues and troubles, success and victories, King David admonishes us to show forth all of His marvellous works for us and through us. Psalm 9 says "I will praise Thee, O LORD, with my whole heart (not half heartily) I will show forth all Thy marvellous works..."

What is David showing forth? When his enemies are turned back. When they fall and perish. When God maintains our right and our cause. We boast in His ability to destroy wickedness, even the wickedness still in us, and especially in the forces that rise up against the righteous works He does in and through us as individuals.

The memorial of the wicked will one day soon perish. It will be as if they never existed at all! The LORD and His people will endure forever. In the process, and it is a process we must endure, the LORD is a refuge when we are oppressed in our times of trouble. Those who know God will put their very lives into His able hands. He will not forsake those who seek Him.

How do we seek Him? Once a week during morning worship or Sunday evening service at our local church? Will three or four hours of hearing His word sustain us for the remaining 168 hours of the week? Not today! Seek Him daily. When the manna fell from heaven in the Wilderness journey of the Children of Israel, each person had to go gather it for themselves. If they tried to store it for the next day it would rot! It was, and still is a daily process.

Troubles will come in this process. King David constantly prayed for mercy and help in his troubles. Verse 13 of Psalm 9 says that each time God has rescued David, he would show forth all God's praise in the gates of Zion; he rejoiced in deliverance and his salvation.

We walk in confidence and assurance that God saves those that are His. We are confident that the wicked will be caught in their own snare and trap they set for others. The heathen will sink into the pit they dug for others. They will fall and become victim by the work of their own hands.

The needy, and we are often in that lot at times, shall not be always forgotten. The expectations of the poor shall not perish forever. We can cry as did King David, "Arise, O LORD, let not man prevail; let the heathen be judged in Thy sight. Put them in fear, O LORD; that the nations may know themselves to be but men."

Sometimes we feel forgotten and forsaken. Even then, when all seems hopeless, our circumstance is only caught up in the processes of God. It is a process. Do not lose heart or believe the lies of the enemy. When it seems that evil will finally triumph, that is when they are getting ready to fall. God has set it up this way.

If it seems He has forgotten the cry and prayers of the humble, He says that even this is a part of His treasuries; the way He works most of the time. For example, think of the "pit experiences" given to us in His word; Jeremiah cast into a miry pit only to be rescued to prophecy again. Joseph thrown into a pit by his own family, his brothers, only to be sold into slavery; but to rise and become a great leader in Egypt and save the known world from famine. He was not only cast into the pit but imprisoned and forgotten for a season. Some estimate he may have been in jail for several years!

While in our testings and trials, as evil seems to be all encompassing about us, think of Moses, one man with hundreds of thousands of people depending on him, standing at the Red Sea with an enemy army baring down on them in great anger and with murder in their heart. Think of Paul and Silas, after obeying the great commission to preach the gospel, being beaten and thrown in jail; only to sing songs of praise in the midst of mental and spiritual fires. These glorified God in their fires.
Each one showed forth God's ways, His great deliverance, and gave Him the praise and honor He deserves.

Do We?

When deliverance does finally come, it is as if we were never our of His care! There is an appointed time to be delivered. Learn through the process. As the saints in the days of old, we must encourage ourselves to wait for the year of the redeemed and the year of recompense for the controversy of Zion. We are of Mount Zion. He has a holy hill that only the redeemed are allowed to walk. Right now we spiritually sit in heavenly places with Christ Jesus.

I need to apply this fact in my everyday walk. No matter the obstacle thrown across the path; no matter the travail of the hour. As King David, I must show forth His ways, His praise, and His desire in every aspect of my life. I can say that we are never brought so low, so near death, but that God can raise us up. Those who truly believe do not make haste; but wait for the appointed time. May God give me grace in that regard; and He will!


(verse five)

I'll tell of the pit with its gloom and despair,

I'll praise the dear Father, who answered my prayer;

I'll sing my new song, the glad story of love,

Then join in the chorus with the saints above.

" He brought me out of the miry clay,
He set my feet on the Rock to stay;
He puts a song in my soul today,
A song of praise, hallelujah! "
(He Brought Me Out - Henry J. Zelley 1859-`942/Henry Gilmour 1836-1920)

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