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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thin Veil

I believe that God works with each of His children in different ways. He does not change I know, but if you examine the Prophets, He spoke to them, broke through on their behalf in various manner's. He gave Ezekiel great visions, Isaiah He gave words that are so beautiful that a Prime Minister in Britain years ago used to read out of Isaiah before he gave important speeches before the British Parliament. Isaiah is quoted, I believe, more than any other Prophet because of the beauty of the language. With Moses, He showed great signs and wonders.

With this background, I would like to explain what has been happening at our home over the past few weeks. The child we are caring for just got out of the hospital, again, last week. She did a four day stint because her blood gases were awry, her sugar count was extremely low one hour then through the roof the next, and she contracted the flu while in Intensive Care! She was given a flu shot then sent home to give the flu to me!! Our little example of the health care issues presently facing our nation.

While I was in bed feeling to drained to even move or read toward the end of last week, I got my Grandfather's Bible and went outside for some fresh air to read and try to relax. I heard an alarm start to ring and I did not know where it was coming from. My wife came running out of the house and said the septic system, a Class II, LPP system we had to install with pumps and motors had stopped working. This is a 10,400 dollar system that is no more than three years old!

I moaned, sighed and did what I knew to do to address the issue. Both tanks were full to the brim and we were shut down as far as running water was concerned. My property taxes are due, the septic is broken, a child was in bed with the flu and sugar issues, and I was feeling like what our dogs leave in our back yard!!! (Sorry!)

Bare with me for a moment, please!

Sunday afternoon, after getting back from church, I went to bed to take a short nap and hours later my wife came into the bedroom to make sure I was still breathing. I dragged myself out of bed and did a few things around the house; sitting in the chair and reading, to tell the truth!

During the early hours of yesterday morning, while in a deep sleep and asking God for days for a sign for the good, for something to get me through this period of testing, something happened that I cannot adequately put into words. As I said, God speaks to His children in different ways; Here is how He spoke to me yesterday morning ~

I do not know if I was asleep or half awake; all I know is that I heard the most beautiful music I have ever heard. It was the sound of tens of thousands, perhaps millions of people singing praises; a solemn chorus of praise all heading in one direction; toward a throne of some kind. I walked toward the music, I was drawn like a strong magnet, I could not resist.

I came upon a veil, so thin that I could see through it and as I walked toward the veil I could see a glow, the choir or the people had a glow themselves and the atmosphere was filled with this. I had a feeling that this was everything I have ever sought in my entire life; every desire, every earthly possession everything and more than this earth could ever offer. I was a feeling of worship, admiration and adoration that I have never felt in my entire life.

I was ready to pass through the veil, I felt that all I had to do was just walk through it and I would be a part of this beauty. As soon as I started to go through, I awoke. I had chills, the hair stood up on my arms and I laid there for awhile trying to reenter the scene. I did not want to ever leave; I desired to be there forever.

I prayed for quite a while asking for insight of this experience. I have never had this happen in my entire life. I now feel that the veil I was getting ready to walk through was my flesh; we are that close to the glory of God; ten thousandths of an inch, perhaps? One breath, perhaps? After all, He holds our very breath in our hands.

The reason this was so important to me is that when I felt bad for the past several days I considered going to the hospital to get feelings I have been having in my chest checked out. Not pain, but like my heart was beating faster than it should. After this dream, I realize that it is far better to be with the LORD than to be anywhere else in the Universe!

I love my wife and family dearly. If I were to have walked through that veil I would have missed them terribly, anxiously awaiting their arrival, I am sure. But I cannot explain the atmosphere I saw! The glow, the throne in a distance, the multitudes facing the throne singing praises and worship in unison to the One who is worthy of all praise!

God did exactly what was needed for me during this season. I have been basking in His presence within my being, thanking Him hundreds of times a day for who He is, for what He does and for His faithfulness in times of great trial. To quote King David, " He has put gladness in my heart, more than in the time that their corn and their wine increased..."

The worldly system celebrates success, abundance, 401(k) and savings balances and full employment and benefits, (I am not saying by any means that these are not important) but David rejoiced for the gladness God put in his heart!

I will rejoice with David! We are heading to a place that is so beautiful that there is no way of putting into human language the atmosphere. I have a better understanding of what the Apostle Paul was trying to say when he said he saw things that were unlawful to be uttered.

Grace and peace be with all that love Christ in sincerity!

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