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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Israel's Enemies

The United States is treading on dangerous ground. We have no idea what awaits us if we keep pressuring Israel to give back land God has given to the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. No matter the reason, there is no excuse for the actions of our once great nation. We will fall into the dust bin of history as have all nations who have opposed God's preordained purpose for Israel.

Those who resist Him will be cut to pieces. There is no way to sugar coat the issue. There is no gray area in that regard. Only black and white, good and evil, success or utter failure.

Psalm 21 says that the hand of God will find all of His enemies. His right hand will expose all who hate Him. How much more can you exhibit hate than to go against someones expressed will. That is exactly what the United States of America is doing.

If we do not change course quickly, God will make us as a fiery oven in the time of His anger; and it is very close. He will swallow us up, in total, in His wrath and His fire will devour us.

Our fruit will He destroy from the earth and our seed from among the children of men. We have intended evil against Him and Israel and are imagining mischievous devices which in the end we will not be able to perform.

He will turn our back as His arrows go against our face.

But for those who believe in our God and His words, we must be steadfast in our knowledge and it must become a part of our very DNA that He is exalted. He is awesome. He is strong and we will forever sing and praise His power on behalf of those who acknowledge Who He is, how He works and His ability to protect and love those who are His.

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