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Sunday, July 10, 2011


Last evening I was walking around in my yard looking up at the night sky. A Scripture verse came to my mind while I was thinking of the peace talks that the Quartet are holding in Washington DC tomorrow, July 11.2011.

It seems every time the United States or other European nations gather to force Israel into something they should not need to do something bad happens. I was wondering if something would happen next week. I thought of a verse while praying and did not know where to find it; it says, " when Thy judgments come upon the earth the people of the world learn righteousness..."(Isaiah 26:9)

Even in judgment, as bad as it can get, God sends it to turn people to righteousness, to repentance. It takes an awful hard heart to not pray for the people that have suffered in Japan, or the earthquakes and floods all over the world. The week of the earthquake the Japanese government gave full support to the Palestinian Authority in their fight against Israel. Still, in mercy God sends judgments.

Another verse I have thought of for the past several days regards the authority we have as Believers over the enemy. I talked with Rev. Cooper, my elder Pastor friend and ask him if this was scriptural or have I imagined it? He said Christ said this to us.
He also said that we do not live this way because it takes strong faith; we really do not comprehend the power and authority Christ gave us.

The verse if found in Luke 10:19 ~
" I have given you authority to overcome all of the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you."

What blessed me to no end is that these two verses that I was thinking of were on a Christian news site today when I checked in on the news. Right there in front of me!
The same verses! God knew my questions, He knew I would not really believe it until I saw it for my self in Scripture, and He sent confirmation of these two verses right when I needed them. It has been a trying month for my family but He has been right beside us the entire time and in His love He sends these spiritual blessing across my path. What a loving Heavenly Father we have.

I would like to give one thought on the promise by Christ of the great authority we have over the enemy. When Israel went into the Promised Land with Joshua, God said they would be victorious over the inhabitants of the Land. But, God also said He was leaving 5 wicked kings in the land so that the next generation of the Children of Israel would learn how to fight! God leaves enemies around us also so we can learn the taste of victory and learn how to fight.

He promised that we would not be harmed. Harm to our spiritual man is spiritual death; this will not happen to His children. The battles we face teach us that we have no power in our self; it all is from Him. Like Moses when they were facing the battle of their lives, as long as Moses held his arms up to heaven, Israel was winning; when his arms dropped the enemy started to succeed.

Is it not the same for us? How can we enter the army of God unless we are battle tested? We cannot learn of His power unless we need deliverance and are delivered. We experience God as our High Tower when we need a High Tower. We know that He is our sword and shield when we are under attack. We learn of His faithfulness always even when it looks as if all is hopeless. Our authority is IN HIM!

Here is a verse that reveals the secret place we need to be at all times, both good times and in times of difficulty. It is a mindset ~

" My soul yearns for You in the night;
in the morning my spirit longs for You."

THIS is our victory! THIS is where our great authority originates - Staying in Him!

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