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Sunday, July 10, 2011


The Angel of the LORD mentioned in the Old Testament was Christ in human form. He walked and talked with Abraham. He accompanied the two angelic beings who sent destruction to Sodom and Gomorrah. He spoke in the midst of a burning bush that was not consumed when Moses was called to free the Children of Israel held captive in Egypt.

He was revealed to Ezekiel with eyes of fire and a form of burnished bronze. He sent angels to destroy the Syrians when they had gathered against Elisha with the hills covered with fiery chariots. He appeared to the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus in such a bright light that Paul was blinded. He walked through the Garden of Eden with Adam and conversed with him in the cool of the day. He spoke with Moses face to face on Mt Sinai. He carved the Ten Commandments with His fingers.

All of these were revelations of the Son of God; One of the Trinity. The ancient name used by Israel for thousands of years has been JEHOVAH. This word is so sacred that when the Rabbi's would write it with pen and parchment they would use a brand new pen to spell the name, then discard the pen.

When this word is taken apart it is found that its origin is from two words; JAHWEH which means I AM...and HAVAH which means to become more and more revealed.
One revelation at a time. I believe that we will be discovering new revelations of Christ and who He is for all of eternity. This life is just a dress rehearsal for eternity!

He has declared Himself to be the Way, the Truth, The Light, a High Tower, a Strong Defense, our Healer, our Salvation, our Buckler, our Shield, our Defense, and His attributes are endless. He is whatever we may need at any time in our life; always a new revelation.

Even the last book of the Bible is titled the Revelation of Jesus Christ; another revelation altogether. We have been given in these last days a revelation that Abraham, Paul, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Naham, Isaac, King David and all of the others in the past did not have.

What have we done with the final revelation of Jesus Christ? Most run from it because we do not understand it. It is there for us. Study it and pray for discernment to understand it. After all, this is the ONE who is coming back for His Bride! We should be well acquainted with the One to whom the Father has gathered for His Son!

Christ said that He is coming back for those who are looking for Him. Keep looking up; the Groom is coming! Do not be found sleeping or entangled with the cares of this life so close to His soon return.

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