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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thoughts On Angels

                                                ~Thoughts on Angels ~

They are not abstractions-figments of our imagination

The have intellect

They are not limited to material bodies

They can only be one place at a time

They appear as men

They have human functions

They do not die or reproduce

They lead by their hand, they can touch and be touched

They indulge in combat-one killed 185,000 Assyrians in one night

They are spirit beings but can take human form when required

They can be in our presence, entertained, without our knowing they are angels

They are greater than men, less powerful than God

They are organized and have rank, position

There is an Arch angel named Michael, the angel in charge of Israel

There are Chief Princes among their rank

There are Cherubim-plural-they guarded the Tree of Life in the garden of Eden

There are Cherub- singular

Satan was a Cherub

God said He would send His angels-He has angels that do His bidding

There are angels that are evil and are not loyal to God

We will judge Angels at the last day judgment (1 Corinthians 6:-3) * (Randy) - This tells me that angels can make mistakes, not do what they are told, could have done better?? Just some thoughts…not a doctrine

They apparently have free will to obey or disobey

There are Seraphim's – these are flaming fire (Isaiah 6 and Revelation 4)

I believe we have our own personal Angel that watches over us

Children have Angels watching over them
Jesus said that as it was in the days of Noah, it would be like that in the days before He returns
Angels disrobed themselves and cohabiting with women in the days before Noah; they produced a strange offspring of giants and men of renown
There were still giants in the land in the days of King David; it is as if Satan was trying to pollute the human gene pool in an effort to prevent the "seed of the woman from bruising his head..." as foretold after the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
We are not to worship Angels, the good ones are God's messengers

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