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Friday, May 29, 2009


The written word of God is an excellent example of how we should pray, what our requests should be, what is pleasing to our Father. I have learned over the years to personalize the praises, prayers and worship to Him given by others who love Him. He is the Father of all.

Their prayers, praise and requests were very important to Him to be recorded for all to read throughout the ages. The prayers of Daniel, Abraham, King David, Jeremiah, John and Paul, to name a few must have been like a sweet incense as they made their way to His Throne. The multitudes seen by John the Revelator on the isle of Patmos in his visions of Heaven were all singing the same song; the song of the Lamb, and the song of Moses. We, like they, have the same story of redemption, the same issues of life, and the same One that we all have access to through the sacrifice of Christ on Calvary's tree.

Psalm 20:5-9 ministered to me this day: (personalized)

" I will rejoice in Thy salvation,
and in the Name of my God.
I will set up my banners:
the LORD fulfil all of my petitions. "

" Now know I that the LORD saveth His annointed:
He will hear me from His holy Heaven
with saving strength of His right hand. "

" Some trust in chariots and some in horses;
but I will remember the Name of the LORD my God.
They are brought down and fallen;
but I am risen and stand upright. "

" Save LORD - let the King hear me when I call. "

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