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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


From a natural perspective one would think that King David "had arrived". He was anointed and appointed to be King of the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He had slain a lion and a bear and a giant with his bare hands. What a man!

It is human nature to pick a mentor, an idol, one to emulate, it seems. Human nature, not Godly nature...The great money men of our day, and days gone by, have been researched and sought after throughout the history of our society; the Rockefeller's, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Allen Greenspan and the like. People of faith seek after the likes of King David, Jeremiah, Isaiah and the Apostle Paul.

But when we reach the end of the trail, as we all are destined to do, how much energy has been expended seeking, searching, and desiring to be like the One who gave His all for us? He has said that all who desire to live Godly will suffer persecution. He foretold of the day in which we are living; He described these days as perilous.

The human side of me wants to be satisfied with my check book, my retirement, my job, my associates, my health and such. What of the real Randy?
Is true satisfaction with these things? FORGET IT!

Let us examine ourselves with honesty - How are we faring? At times it seems we only can tread water. Sometimes we strut around in victory as if we have it all figured out; as if we have arrived. We castigate those of the faith that seem to be lagging behind. How easy it is to forget that just yesterday we were stuck in the mud ourselves. If not for the mercies of our Heavenly Father, none of us stand a chance.

Where do we find satisfaction? Is it possible to really "arrive" while we are restrained in this body of flesh and bone; nothing more than dirt formed from earth with the breath of God in us?

In one of his prayers, King David seems to wrap up our final destination and long sought after state of satisfaction in one hidden verse. It is~

(Psalm 17:15)

This is our goal; From here comes our true satisfaction. To awake in our eternal bodies, likened unto His glorious Body. To fellowship, worship and adore Him while actually seeing Him! What a day that will be, when our Jesus we shall see. He said that all that the Father has given Him are His; He has not, and will not lose one!

That is you and I. This is our source of satisfaction!

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