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Friday, May 15, 2009


PSALM 62:8

" Trust in Him at all times;

pour out your heart before Him,

He is a Refuge. "

The God of Israel is our Father. He looks upon the inhabitants of the earth to find those who believe what He has said.

No matter the trial or temptation,

No matter the uncertainty of life's road or circumstance,

We have ONE that we can run to. Under the shadow of His wings we find

rest and solace for our soul.

He who has promised is faithful and true; these are two of His given Names in the Bible, Faithful and True.

We have to put our entire soul and body into this belief, steadfast and sure, an anchor of the soul, that He is who He says He is. And we are in Him who He says we are!

We are His children, the sheep of His pasture. He is the good shepherd. When we stray in unbelief or doubt, He is there by His Spirit to lead us back to His fields. He is King of the earth, master of the universe, the universe cannot contain His Presence. He is much too big for that. His mercies and compassions are renewed on a daily basis; just as sure as the sun rises in the heavens, He is aware of our circumstance.

He who has started a good work in us will complete it.

Fear not, for He is with us. Do NOT be dismayed, for HE IS our God!

Oh the riches and measureless love and compassions of our Father!

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