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Monday, March 26, 2012


“Lord, I have nothing, but You have everything and I need You now. If you do not breathe into my problem, I won’t make it. I can’t do it, but you can, Lord!” Rev. David Wilkerson

Christ became sin for us. A Man without spot or blemish took on the sins of the world, in all its fullness; so much so that the Father had to look away. What a thought! Earlier Christ said "greater love hath no man but that he would lay down his life for his friends..." He is our friend; the best friend we will ever have.

When the Father turned His face from Christ the earth became dark and there was a great earthquake. Christ did not say "why have You forsaken Me" because He needed something to say! He was truly forsaken. He also said that no one would take His life but He would lay it down willingly; according to the plan layed out in eternity past. The burden He bore in the Garden, sweating great drops of blood when He felt everything closing in on Him, I am sure, is beyond our comprehension. He can truly identify with our confusion, pain, doubt and fears.

We do have an advocate with the Father, the Man Christ Jesus. Go to Him and cry out and tell Him the truth; I cannot make it on my own! I am lost without You! I need You now more than ever before!

He hears our heart cry. He will answer. He will never forsake us, even in our darkest hour or our most grievous sin; He is there always ready to help in our time of need, whether great or small.

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Amy said...

Thank you Randy. Did you see DW's post today on 3/27? "Coming to the Lord in Sadness."